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Old Door with Food Baskets


February 22, 2018. Here is part of a project we have been working on for a few weeks in revitalizing our kitchen. Our house and kitchen are very small. To open up some space we took things off the wall which had been there 31 years and bought this door. We painted the door and put on the baskets with doorknobs. The potatoes were in the cabinet, but the rest was on the counters, so now we have more counter space. The middle basket is filled with drink pods. The bottom basket has onions and bananas. Do you spy the keepsake potholders? One is for Chevrolet as my Dad's only employment, probably from the 1960's. The other I made as a little girl in one of those loop things. I like to eat most of my veggies and fruit cold, but I am thinking that I might start putting out tomatoes, apples, pears, and such out to the baskets to make room in the refrigerator. I hung faux greenery on a hook, but plan on changing that out when I am able to pluck from the yard. The drying towel always hung on a cabinet knob, but looks much cleaner here. The space is so much more functional now than what was on the wall previously. 

The bottom half is a little crowded, but we have such a small kitchen. The door is perfect because it takes up no more space than before as it is tucked behind the trash can. The baskets come out in the room about half the depth of the trash can. We have the all necessary, "want a snack?" dog treats which set out for convenience. These are actual regular dog food that is a dental variety and the girls get one or two a day which helps to keep their teeth clean. We have to have a place for their dog food and water bowls. I am struggling finding a place for the all necessary step stool. I am so short that I need it to reach the top shelves of the cabinets.

Since the first photo above I moved my husband's Grandma Kent's very old iron pan to set in the top basket. I love how it looks there on top of the potatoes. I also added two of my Grandma Geile's suncatchers to hang from the outside of the basket. It's all about the little things! I have a box of her suncatchers that I keep in the kitchen to change out from time to time.

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