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James William Rutledge and Mary Rubina Mae Wright



James William Rutledge was born on March 18, 1889, in St. Clair, Franklin County, Missouri. His birth was verified by his Aunt Teresa Rutledge in an affidavit on October 29, 1942. This aunt is married to Stephen John Rutledge, the brother of James William's Father, James Bernard Rutledge. James William also has a brother named Stephen John Rutledge. His Special Certificate of Birth indicates a Bible, marriage license, and the affidavit were utilized to verify his birth.


Mary Rubina May Wright was born June 15, 1888, in St. Louis, Missouri, to Andrew Jackson Wright and Mary Lucinda Marshall. The City of St. Louis birth records were well kept.

Baptism: September 20, 1888, Immaculate Conception Church, 3120 Lafayette Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri; Sponsors: Francis Wiley and Mrs. Nellie Quiqley; Second baptism at Second Baptist Church, Desloge, Missouri, June 15, 1914.


James Williams' Mom, Nancy, died when he was only 1 year old on October 11, 1890. His father remarried, Sarah, on January 19, 1891. He was raised by his Dad and his Step-mom.


In 1899, 1903, and 1906, an unbelievable story takes place with Rubina's brother. Is this really her brother? Read his page to decide. If this is the true, Rubina would have had a difficult time with her brother and was pulled into the scandals unwillingly.


In the June 4, 1900 census, Franklin County, Central Township, District 0030, (St. Clair) James is age 11, being born March 1889, and living with his Dad (James Bernard, age 47, working as a stationary engineer) and his Step-mom (Sarah, age 33), and his siblings, Mary (age 23), Stephen (age 15), Katie (age 13), and Archie (age 12, half-brother). His Dad rents a farm with 18 schedules which his half-brother Archie is farming. James William is attending school.


In the June 5, 1900 census, St. Louis (Independent City), Ward 15, District 2037, Rubina (age 11) is living alone with her mother, Mary L. (nee Marshall) Wright (age 51) and a boarder names James Green (age 54) at 921 North 20th Street, St. Louis. Mary is marked as widowed and the boarder is marked as being married for 21 years. Mary has had 3 children, with only 2 alive. Rubina's brother, Joseph, was 18 years old. Rubina's and her mom were born in Missouri, as wel as Rubina's parents, but Rubina's Dad was born in Virginia. There is no occupation marked for Mary, but Rubina has an occopation as "helper (Corset Fety)" for the last 10 months. I am not sure if that is a name of a person and who that person might be or something else. At the age of 11, Rubina must have been helping someone out for a little extra cash. Maybe Mr. Green's purpose as a boarder was to help pay the rent. Rubina had attended "0" school, but both could read and write.


According to James William's Dad's (James Bernard) obituary, the family moved to Desloge in about 1904, and his Dad worked for Desloge Consolidated Lead Company for 23 years until his death in 1927, suffering from a baffeling illness the last two years of his life. James William would also work for the same company.


In the May 12, 1910 census, St. Francis County, Randolph Township, District 0083, (Desloge) James is age 21, living with his Dad James Bernard (age 57, occupation stationary engineer), his Step-mom Sarah (age 43), a servant, Martha Burt (age 46), and his Grandma, Rosine (age 76). James Williams occupation is "fireman" in the "stationary" industry. James Bernard and James William, father and son, worked in the same industry.


In the April 26, 1910 census, St. Clair County, East St. Louis Ward 6, District 129, Illinois, Rubina (age 21) is living with her mom, Mary Lucinda (age 61) listed as "M.L." at 2918 College Avenue, East St. Louis, Missouri. Mary's occupation is "own income" and Rubina's income is "stonographer" at a "shoe company."


James W. and Rubina Mae were married on June 25, 1910, in St. Louis. In 1910, James W. was working for St. Joseph Lead Company in Desloge, Missouri, where he worked for 13 years until 1923. With James living in Desloge and Rubina in East St. Louis, it makes me wonder how they met. James and Rubina's Marriage Certificate indicates a Pastor F.N. Calvin of Christian Church in St. Louis, Missouri, was the minister. The Certificate indicates James is of Desloge and Rubina is of East St. Louis. Research reveals that Pastor Calvin was a minister at Compton Heights Christian Church which is located at 2149 South Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri.


Their first son, Albert William, was born July 31, 1912. James was 23 and Rubina was 24.

Their daughter, Alma Mae, was born December 25, 1914. James was 25 and Rubina was 26.

Thier second son, Charles Arthur, was born January 21, 1917. James was 27 and Rubina was 28.


On June 5, 1917, James William completed the WWI Military Registration. It is interesting to see his 5th grade education handwritten signature. James is living in Desloge and works as a "stationary fireman" at Desloge Consolidated Lead Company. (History of St. Joe Lead Company also mentions Desloge Consolidated) He has a wife and three children. On the blank for "Do you claim an exemption?" the registrar writes, "family support." He is medium height, medium build, blue eyes, and black hair. On the blank for "Has person lost arm, leg, hand, or foot" the registrar writes, "shot through foot; foot stiff."


Rubina's mother, Mary Marshall, dies on December 15, 1918, in Desloge. She would have been living with the family after Rubina and James married.


In 1919, Rubina sees her brother for the last time. There was an envelope marked "open after I die" in Rubina's documents and one of the handwritten notes indicates that her brother, Joseph Albert, disappeared in 1919. It would make sense that he attended his mother's funeral at the end of 1918 and was never seen again.


Thier third son and fourth child, Wilson Alvin, was born May 16, 1919. Both James and Rubina were 30 years old.


In the January 26, 1920 census, St. Francis County, Township, District 96 (Desloge) (page 2) James W. (age 30) rents his home, with an occupation of "harster" or "haister" in the lead mine industry for wages. Rubina M. (age 31), Albert W. (age 7), Alma M. (age 5), Charles A. (age 2 11/12), and Wilson A. (age 7/12) are also living in the home. The name is misspelled on the census as "Rutlidge." Albert is the only child attending school. James W.'s Dad, James Barnard, is also living in District 96, living near each other.


In 1923, the family moved from Desloge to St. Louis. James William's Dad, James Bernard Rutledge died March 7, 1927, and his Step-mom, Sarah Elizabeth died March 14, 1928. James William became employed with General Electric working at the Cahokia generating plant in Illinois where he worked for 22 years until 1945.


In the April 5, 1930 census, St. Louis (independent city), District 96-487, Ward (part) 13, Block 5118, the family is living at 4824 Connecticut Street, St. Louis, Missouri. James William (age 41) is renting a home with a value of "30" for $30,000. The 1930 census asks if the family owns a radio which is marked "R" for yes. James Williams age at first marriage is 21 and Rubina's age at first marriage is 22. James is an "operator" in the "furnace" industry for wages. The column for "worked yesterday" is marked "yes" and the column for "veteran" is marked "no." Also in the home is his wife, Rubina (age 41), Albert W. (age 17), Alma Mae, age (15), Charles A. (age 13), and Wilson A. (age 11). Rubina's father is indicated to be born in "West Virginia." Albert has an occupation of "apprintent" in the "electric" industry for wages, having worked yesterday.


In October 1939, James and Rubina celebrated the birth their first grandchildren, three grandsons, all born within a week. Charles Arthur Rutledge, Jr. was born October 21, 1939, to (son) Charles and Delores Rutledge. James B. Ilges was born October 28, 1939, to (daughter) Alma and Clarence Ilges. Wilson Alvin Rutledge, Jr., was born October 28, 1939, to (son) Wilson & Jessie Mae Rutledge. READ MORE ABOUT THESE THREE COUSINS


In the April 3, 1940 census, St. Louis County, Gravios Township, James, Rubina, and Albert are living at 5144 Heege Road, which is an "owned" home valued at $3,850. James is 51 years old and has education through the 5th grade. He is employed working 40 hours a week as an "operature furnace" in the gas utilities industry in "pw" which represents "wage or salary worker in private work". He worked 52 weeks in the year and his earning was $1,920. Rubina is also 51 years old. Their son Albert is 27 years old. It is interesting that in the column for residence in 1935, James is marked as "same place" and Rubina and Albert are marked as "rural." Consistent with that is "Code D" representing 1935 residence of "X0V1" for "Same county, rural, non-farm" for migration and "6602" (code not identified). Rubina has education through the 5th grade. Albert's "Code B" of 20 (and H3) indicates he has had education through 11th grade or 3 years of high school. The "Code C" of 66 represents "Missouri" as the birthplace. The "1" for Code E is for "At work for pay or profit in private or non-emergency government work" and the "5" is for "Engaged in home housework. Albert is working 42 hours a week as a "packer" in the "wholesale drug" industry. The "Code F" for James of "449 52 1" represents, "Firemen except locomotive and fire department, Gas works and steam plants, Wage or salary worker in private work." The "Code F" for Albert of "496 60 1" represents "Operatives and kindred workers (not elsewhere classified), Wholesale trade, Wage or salary worker in private work (PW)."


James lived through the period of both World Wars and was required to register for both. On April 26, 1942, James completed the WWII Military Draft Registration (Page 1 | Page 2). He was 53 years old. He lived at 5144 Heege Road, St. Louis, Missouri. He worked for Union Electric located at 315 N. 12 Blvd., St. Louis Missouri. He was 5'8", weighed 140 lbs., had blue eyes and grey hair, with a light complexion.


In 1945, due to failed health, James and Rubina moved back to St. Clair where James was born. James was about 56 years old and Rubina was about 57 years old. He was employed 3 years at the International Shoe Company before he retired.


James W. made a Social Security Claim on February 16, 1954.


James and Rubina are buried at the United Methodist Church of St. Clair Cemetery (source: (death certificate and obit indicate Oddfellows Cemetery).
The original IOOF (Odd Fellows) Cemetery disbanded and the United Methodist Church of St. Clair Cemetery took over. In St. Clair take Commercial to Park Road, cross Main Street at stop sign, across the street from Evergreen Park. The Methodist Cemetery is behind the St. Clare (yes, spelled differently) Catholic Cemeter in the same divided driveway.


James William Rutledge died September 10, 1958, at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis at the age of 69 years, 5 months, and 22 days. James William's death certificate (another copy of death certificate) indicates he died of a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm due to arteriosclerosis. He was in the hospital for 8 hours beginning on the 9th and died at 12:30 a.m. on the 10th. He was retired from Union Electric. His Social Security number was 494-07-2284. He was bured at Oddfellows Cemetery, St. Clair, Missouri, on September 12, 1958.

Transcription of James William Rutledge Obituary


Rubina Mae (Wright) Rutledge died December 11, 1976, at the age of 88 years, 5 months, and 26 days, at the Home for Aged Baptists in Ironton, Missouri. Both of my Great-Grandmas, Rubina and Lucille, passed away here. Pilot Knob and the surrounding area were Lucille's roots, so her daughter, Jessie Mae, and her son-in-law, Wilson Rutledge (being Rubina's son), would have been familiar with the area and that is most likely why she was moved into the home, a trusting place. Lucille had worked there.





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