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1 John 4:19 We Love because . . .

Created 2/18/16


Lord, thank You for that day when I learned the assurance of heaven. It was a day I will never forget and means so much to me. It is the day that changed my faith. I had already been baptized and confirmed in faith and had not yet grasped the concept of assurance of faith. It bewilders me how that could be, but it was. I love to tell others "I know I am going to heaven!" I feel sad when others cannot shout that out with confidence because they have doubt. They wonder if they are good enough. Or they know and understand that salvation has nothing to do with what they do, but still do not make the leap to know assurance and are stuck in a void without that 'ah ha' moment. Lord, I pray that all people know Your love and can boldly say, "I am going to heaven!" Why do they hesitate when I ask them ' are you going to heaven?' It is so simple and yet the world makes it so hard. Stupid world. Thanks so incredibly much for loving me first so that I can love others. I think of the beginning of the Current River which I visited recently and how the spring waters seemingly bubble up from nowhere. It just keeps coming forth from nothing, and coming and coming. It flows on downstream until it meets other waters and it grows and grows and gets larger and larger. You created that spring water and You created love that also keeps coming and coming and as it flows, Your love gets larger and larger as it comes together in Your children. That imagery in my mind of everlasting water growing feels so peaceful, just like the peace I feel while looking into the beautiful blue spring. I could sit there forever! I could and will sit there in Your love forever too, Lord! Thanks again! Love ya right back, Lord! So be it.