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Life without an Eraser - An Arrow Prayer

5/19/15  Arrow Prayer:  Lord, thank You for today!  It is such a perfect wonderful Spring day.  What am I going to do with my today?  I would like an answer from You and I am not getting one.  Does that mean I am supposed to just enjoy the day and not focus on to-do's?  That is so hard for me.  Why do I always have to be so busy?  Why is that in my nature?  Help me to do today that which is in Your Will -- for my day is like an open artist's sketchbook ready to be penciled in, but without the eraser on the other end.  I cannot go back and re-do life.  I cannot take back words.  I cannot say words within a circumstance once that moment is gone.  I cannot reach into time and grab a moment back.  I just want to walk next to You to be sure I'm putting into that sketchbook of life what is right.  Thanks again for this beautiful day, Lord.