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It's my birthday!


7/2/17 arrow prayer

Hey Lord! What a great day to have the privelege to talk to you. It's my birthday! In You alone I live, and breathe, and have my very being. It couldn't be a better day to chat with You and say thank you. I praise You, today, because You O God are the creator of all, even little 'ol me in my corner of this huge universe. I was not only born into this world, but through baptism I am born into eternal life with You, all according to Your amazing plan. You loved me before I was even born! That is so unfathamable to this human brain! Thank You for all the lovely that You have showered upon me in all the little things in my every single day, from the day of my birth until this very hour. How wonderful are the works of Your hands that You not only created me, but those who love me. I look forward to those birthday wishes so that I know I am loved at the same time as I do not want the attention, making my birthday feelings a complicated mess! I sure wish there were a way for me to feel accepted without being the center of notice. Thank You for this birthday that allows me to remember those people who treasure me enough to make my day special. I treasure the life experiences with the people in my life thus far to date and look forward to what is to come. Grace upon grace You deliver forgiveness, peace, happiness, comfort, and love into my every day. May my life be about You, O' Lord, and never about me. May I serve You in true faith today and always. Keep me in that steadfast faith. Beautiful Jesus, in Your name I pray. Amen.


7/2/2016 Hubby and I really did dance in the rain! I love the spontaneous dancing in the rain. It is such a delight for me. However, glitter is a bit gaudy to me, so this image was more for fun and to make others smile. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, but rather dancing in the rain. I just love the spontanaity of dancing in the rain.


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