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Make Me the Candle Wax Stem

5/14/15 Lord, sometimes I feel as if others are trying to blow out my candle, so to speak, to bring me down, rather than build me up, just because they are jealous of me.  Turning out one light does not make the remaining light shine any brighter.  It shines the same amount of light.  I always feel regular, average, no different than others, not as good as others, and just a little 'ol me.  It sure does hurt deep down inside when they put me on a pedestal in their own minds and then feel the need to knock me down from that pedestal!  Ouch!  That's a lot of shoving, first up, and then down!  Unhappy people make me unhappy.  Help me take this to heart God, how it feels when it happens to me, and grow my heart so that jealousy does not consume me until it becomes a sinful action.  If I see someone else shining, move my heart and my mouth to build them up and act as the candle wax stem that holds them up for everyone to see!  May me and the world learn to be better encouragers.