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Be So Happy That . . .

4/14/15  Lord, I want to be the person who when people look at me, they become happy too!  I feel as if I fail others.  When hubby is grumpy, why do I fail at making him happy instead of complaining at his grumpiness? When a friend is sad, why do I fail at turning their frowns into smiles? When I am down, why cannot I turn my mood around so I do not change other's moods? I also fail when worrying about what people will think of me.  When people around me react to my attempts to be funny, they just do not get it.  When people around me react to my attempts to be happy and silly, they just think I am weird.  Lord, help me be a person that is so overflowing with Your joy that it just makes other people feel happy.  Give me that disposition and that ability, please.  Take away all this seriousness and give me a sense of humor.  Please.

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