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Winging it! a Prayer

Arrow Prayer 2/5/15  God, You created me and You created me to be this organizer and over achiever and detail person.  This makes me be a planner and I create a lot of mini-goals each day for things I want to achieve for that day.  Then I fail to achieve them.  I ended up just winging it through my day.  For instance, I took 8 hours to plan for the new iPhone class and then had too much material to cover.  Maybe I would have been better off just winging it and going with the flow?  It sure would have been a lot less stress with no worry about completing the course outline and no stress getting through the lesson plan.  For instance, I plan all these Hummie's World website classes and all these details for doing the classes to earn credits, when maybe if I just kept it easy and fun, rather than stressing over rules and credits, more people would still be hanging around.  Maybe I should have just "winged it." Maybe the flow I took trying to make people happy was the wrong stream to paddle down. For instance, I have had the best plans to get my taxes done early to try to pay off some bills we have greatly incurred, but I cannot seem to find time to do it, so it stresses me.  Realizing you are giving me other opportunities to make money with this current time, I should not stress and just "wing it."  The taxes will get done when they get done.  I tend to create my own stresses.  Help me to know when to plan and when to just wing it.  Both are good strategies, but there must be balance.  Help me, Lord, to find that balance.  Help me, Lord, to find that wisdom to hold back on the planning and allow the "winging it" from the beginning, rather than switching gears after the plans fail.  Get me off this roller coaster of planning, failing, and winging it, and allow me to just glide through  the ups and downs with ease.