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Philippians 4:6-7

Imagine Never Worrying!


8/31/15 Today is the last day of the month and the anniversary of my first Digital Bible Journaling and so I woke up wanting to sink into God's Word again.

As always, just read my graphic for my time studying and thoughts on the verse.

However, I want to share one of those life lessons I learned as a teenager through the example of my Dad.  He never said it, but I observed it in his actions.  Whenever things were majorly wrong, such as when my brother would wreck his car or get seriously injured on his motorcycle, I always expected him to loose it, but he never did.  He was always calm through the situation.  I learned that when things are out of my control, there was nothing to worry about, so calmness avails.  However, when small things that were in my control needed to be fixed or decision needed to be made, my worry and stress takes an upward swing.  I tend to react to big troubles the same as my Dad and little troubles the same as my Dad.

If only I could give those little troubles to God and relax in His control the way I do big troubles, I could rest in that peace of God that passes all understanding at all times.