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How shall we live this Advent?


So how shall we live in such times as these?

Live expectantly for our Lord Jesus Christ.
Keep awake.
Be alert.

Prepare for God's certain arrival.
Be not like King Herod who prepared for the advent of Christ
by killing the infants and children of Bethlehem.

Prepare for the second advent by saving the children;
saving them from starvation,
saving them from child abuse,
saving them from all manner of deprivation.

Be not like the shepherds of the fields
who were caught totally unaware of God's advent.

Prepare for the second advent
by knowing the Bible,
by loving God and all people,
by coming out of the hills and fields to attend the worship of Christ.

Be not like those of Bethlehem who had no room
for Joseph, Mary and the baby.

Prepare for the second advent by taking time
to entertain the stranger,
to visit the sick and imprisoned,
to talk with God so frequently that God becomes
a heavenly parent known intimately as 'our Father .'

Prepare for the second advent by remembering the first advent.
Celebrate Christmas by exhausting your supply of Christmas cards,
advent wreaths, and manger scenes.

Celebrate Christmas until your voice gets hoarse
from singing the Christmas carols.

Celebrate Christmas by attending all the plays, pageants,
concerts and Christmas eve services that you possibly can.

Celebrate Christmas without hesitancy and with joy.
December 2007
Paul Kabo, Jr .

Cape Girardeau, MO