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Christmas Trivia - How well did you do?

1. When was Christmas first celebrated?

A. The year after Christ was born.
B. Around 100 AD
C. In the 4th Century
D. 1935

Correct is C


2. Jesus was probably born in what season?

A. Spring
B. Summer
C. Fall
D. Winter

Correct answer is A

3. Why was December 25th chosen as Christmas Day?

A. That was when Jesus was born.
B. To compete with a Roman pagan celebration.
C. That's nine months after the annunciation by the angel to Mary.
D. That's when the Bibles says to celebrate it.

Correct answer is C.

4. How did the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe develop?

A. Eating it makes your mouth pucker.
B. It was associated with the Scandinavian love goddess.
C. The Druids used it in marriage ceremonies.
D. It was used to make love potion in ancient times.

Correct answer is B.


5. What significance is holly in celebrating Christmas?

A. The pointed leaves represent the star of Bethlehem.
B. It was mistaken for mistletoe.
C. The red berries are a Christmas color.
D. The early Church banned mistletoe,so holly was subsituted.

Correct answer is D.

6. What country did poinsettias originally come from?

A. United states
B. Cuba
C. Mexico
D. Brazil

Correct answer is C.

7. Who probably was the first man to illuminate a Christmas tree with candles?

A. Alexander the Great
B. Pope john I
C. Martin Luther
D. Pope Bob II

Correct answer is C.

8.Celebrating Christmas was once against the law in?
A. Holland
B. Indiana
C. Germany
D. Massachusetts

Correct answer is D.

9. St Nicholas was born in what country?

A. The North Pole
B. Holland
C. Germany
D. Turkey

Correct answer is D.


10. What part of the candy cane represents Christ's suffering and pain?

A. The 3 small stripes
B. The large red stripe
C. The shape
D. The flavor

Correct answer is A.