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Show Me the Way

SHOW ME THE WAY by Karen Groves

Show me the way, dear mother,
Teach me to obey;
Keep yourself modest, innocent and pure,
For I’m following your footsteps each day.

Teach me, mother, to keep my tongue,
To always watch and pray;
Some unkind word coming from my lips
Could hinder me from sharing God’s way.

Mother, could you show me
How my husband and children to love?
For one day God will bless me and
Another crown will be for you above.

Help me to make good judgments, mother
So when I’m a keeper at home;
I will not make some awful mistake
Like many others we have known.

Walk a little plainer, mother,
For one day I will be like you;
Working willingly for family and friends,
Isn't that what I’m supposed to do?