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Grinch Pills Bag Toppers


I used 5 inch square snack baggies, but I made the bag topper in two sizes, the second for standard sandwich bags because they are commonly found. I printed on regular paper and stapled it to the bag to keep the project simple. Cardstock or other papers of your choice could be used. I bought Christmas M & M's and separated the green from the red because the Grinch himself is green. After I printed, I cut the paper in half (there are two prints per piece of paper) and then folded the design in half before cutting so that the edges would be even. Because I used regular paper, I could see through the paper to line up the edges of the design.

The downloads are in .pdf format on letter size paper.

Download Grinch Pills 1 - 5 inches

Download Grinch Pills 1 - 6 1/2 inches

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE RED M & M's? Click here.

Grinch Pills Bag Topper 2

Here is the same topper, but with a different poem. I stapled over the words! I thought about re-doing it for this example, but I remember how others say they like to see my mistakes so they can avoid them, so here it is!

Download Grinch Pills 2 - 5 inches

Download Grinch Pills 2 - 6 1/2 inches