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Bookmark Template

Posted November 24, 2009.

I am leading a Bible study tonight and decided to make some quick, easy, simple, nonfancy bookmarks to give the ladies. Our lesson tonight is on Matthew 7:2427 and the Parable of the wise man who built his house on the rock and the foolish man who built his house on the sand. I used the new guides in Photoshop Elements 8 to create a template for bookmarks that can be printed out on cardstock and cut apart. Click here to download my printable bookmarks and the bookmark template. The download includes the full sheet of my bookmark, which uses my handwriting font. Here is what my bookmarks looked like printed out, before cutting. Since my theme is "rocks," I used a grey cardstock.

Here is one of them cut apart from the main printed sheet.

Here is a computer version of it saved directly from PSE.

This is what the template looks like. The blue lines are the guides which do not print. I made a rounded corner mat (blue) to fit in a space and then added my text and borders. I merged those layers, duplicated it 7 times, and moved them into each space. With the "snap to" guides turned on, it easily positioned itself in each space.

I thought about leaving space at the top to punch a hole and tie a ribbon, but decided my time was limited. Other ideas would be to glue on buttons, use stickers, or apply a variety of hybrid elements to the bookmarks to make them more tactile. I hope this is helpful to you! If you use this template, please do share with me. I'd love to see your creativity!