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Santa Drop Printables

First posted December 20, 2008.

For those who read my blog closely, you will remember my wish for Christmas that caused me CS4 Glow and how I was blessed to receive my wish by winning.

So, I immediately asked Thena Smith to write a poem for me to put on a tag to include in my Santa Drops. She came back very quickly with not just 1 poem, but 4 poems! Have I told you enough how awesome she is?
We are teaming up together to offer these tags for your use too!
To deliver a "Santa Drop," just prepare a gift, whether small or large, and attach the tag. Drop the gift off at someone's door, ring the doorbell, and run!
The tag is letter size (really big) and I plan on taking scissors and cutting around mine. I added the gold border area so that the hand cutting would be forgiving.
Have fun! Let me know if you use them. I would love to see photos. I will be trying to take some photos too. I have already done 2 drops without the tags.