Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

7/14/2008 I had a lot of fun at my neice's baby shower. I'd like to share with you!

First, I made some polka dot papers in Photoshop Elements and printed them out on thin inexpensive photo papers with my borderless printer. I was so impressed with out they turned out! I may just have to do this again in the future on other crafts.

Next, I had taken a photo of her with her hands in a heart on her belly. I filled the heart area with polka dots and cut the photo into a heart shape. I saved it as a .png file and printed it out on multiples per page.

I cut the paper into strips and glued them, along with the hearts, so that they slipped over water bottles as labels. It was fun to do girlie crafts for a change since I have all these boys in my house.

I took the "baby" word art that I had made for the invitations and used an Atomic Cupcake action on it to make stickers. I cut them out and glued them to a circle which was then glued to a party stick and stuck into cupcakes. I made white cupcakes with strawberry icing and then simple brownie cupcakes.

I took the leftover cuttings and prints to make a calendar for the guests to write down their guesses on when the baby would be born.

My party planning partner made this scrumptious no sugar angel food cake. The filling is whipped cream with no sugar pudding mix fluffed into it.

She also brought these cute napkins. How simple is that to make something so "wow." She also brought other foods and decorated the gift table, but I think I've shared too many photos already. We all had a great time!

This is the preview of the digital papers and stickers. I found it to be cute as a background as well as to cut out for cupcake decorations.

This is a preview of the invitation I sent that coordinated with the party. I bought the scalloped edge paper, printed the invitation, and glued it to the scalloped edge paper. The download contains a .jpg and a .pdf version of the invitation for you to pull into your program and type the name, address, and phone number.



If you use these files, I would love to see photos of what you have done.