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Fern & Ivy Napkin Holder - So simple

In the below video and this one she ties a piece of ivy and a fern around a napkin as a napkin holder.  I love it!  Why don't I ever think of such things.  I have some Vinca vines that grow down the side of my flower boxes and I have to cut them back all the time.  I could just cut them from time to time and use them like this instead.  I have some ferns, but I tend to not cut them, so I am not as excited about using them.  Oh, and there is some ivy in the front yard we are always trying to kill as it gets into my flowers where it is not supposed to go.  What a great way to re-purpose something I do not like into something I do like, huh?  I guess I need to first get some nice napkins.  I tend to use washcloth type ones instead and they are not so pretty for this technique.



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