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Glass Bulb (mason jar) Flower Decoration

I've been working on redecorating our outdoors since we enjoy it so much there, especially on the patio.  We saw this idea and could not resist trying it since it was so simple.  Since it was a rainy day on Sunday, hubby and I spent time together making some crafts.  We picked these up for a nominal cost at Hobby Lobby.

In our first attempt at using a drill, or a hammer and nail, or a hammer and screwdriver, we were unsuccessful at making the hole a bit larger in the lid in order to fit the flower in it, so our first version has no lid and that works just fine.

I stuck an artificial flower in the bottle, added some water and a ribbon, and tied it up with jute to hang from the canopy bars.  Since we are going with the "bird" theme in our decorations, the ribbon has little birds on it.

For the second one, we were able to get the hole bigger in the cap, this time being wise enough to poke the hole from the inside out!  I like the variety between the two, so it all worked out well. 

We cannot wait to see the sun glistening in the water.  I think the water is what really makes it special.

These could even be used indoors and I may just have to go back for more supplies.

The reflections and magnifications in the water are so artistic too.  Who knew hanging water could be so pretty!

Written 5/8/13



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