Password Organization Book

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I saw this crafty book for recording passwords and just loved the idea.  Well, as long as I did not care if my husband or anyone else who was in my house read my passwords or as long as I kept the book hidden.  It certainly would not be a book to display.  Click on the image source link to see the inside photos.

However, it would be interesting years later to see what passwords I used.  We all have our methods for coming up with passwords and why and how we created them.  Often it is some way we can relate to remember them.  I think making notes as to why we choose the password in the book would make this a memory keeper activity.

This could be done with digital scrappbooking supplies and printed out to glue down to the book.  That is the way I would have to do some of it.

For me, I keep my passwords digitally on my Outlook notes.  I'm not sure that is the safest way, but I do like having them on my phone to look up and the list is REALLY long!  I often consider options, but cannot come up with one.  A very small book like this one to fit in my purse might be a good idea... until someone steals my purse (knock on wood, I hope not!).

January 26, 2015