Hybrid Flower Chipboard Book

First Birthday Chipboard Book

December 25, 2009



I was excited to finally finish some Christmas gifts the last few weeks and I want to share them with you. I have been trying my hand at some hybrid digital scrapbooking projects.

I found this cute little metal box from Maya Road which contained three chipboard books.

The books are held together by a little chain and each has a different flower shape.

All three books, including the box, were only $5! You cannot get a better price for making gifts for others!

I made the book the same method as I did the senior photo book, so please refer to theĀ instructions here.

This book was made for my son's girlfriend with photos of the two of them.

For this book, however, I did merge the layers with the shape of the book that I had scanned in (Control G) so that it was the shape of the flower when I printed. I had to bring the images into Microsoft Word to get them to print at the correct size, but that was easy enough to do.

I cut out the flower shapes before putting them onto the book. This is not a method I would recommend. I did the next book, to be shown in another post, by cutting after it was glued to the book.

There were many problems with cutting the shape before gluing, including the fact that I had to go back into Photoshop Elements and flip half of the pages so that they would be the correct for the reverse side of the flower. The flower is not symmetrical, I found, but rather the petals are slanted slightly, making the angle for one side different than the other.

In addition, I found that often the shapes I cut out did not quite match up with the board, so in some places I was either over the edge and cutting off or short and having parts of the book not covered. I found myself taking large amounts of time sanding and chalking to make all the mishaps look okay.

In addition, since the flower shapes have such small grooves in between the petals, I found that I had to take the chalking pad off of the holder (it came off easily) so that I could get down into the crevices with the pad. This made for very dirty hands, but for me was a wonderful tactile experience, similar to getting my hands dirty in the flower garden.

I hope you have enjoyed my project and that it inspires you.