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Key Rings to Bind Books

I want to share with you a project I did as a gift.

I found these adorable heart key rings which I utilized to bind together protective sleeves, adding ribbon bows.

These layouts can now be tucked away as a keepsake or easily hung on a wall through the key rings. If hung on a wall, the front displayed layout can easily be changed every so often.

I can see this on a father's work space wall or at a mother's desk area at work.

You could make one layout for each month or through the seasons and change it up on your wall. Another idea would be to use this concept for the popular gift calendars everyone loves to make.

Another alternative would be to purchase the heavy duty magnetic refrigerator clips to grab the key rings and display on your refrigerator.


Here are the layouts I made for this project! What an adorable little boy---it made scrapping him easy!