How to make Dog Bandannas (over the collar) and create pattern

I wanted to make the girls over the collar dog bandannas, but could not find an easy tutorial or pattern to my liking (although there are some good ones out there, and not overly hard).  I had bought the holiday material weeks ago and really needed to sit down and figure it out before the holidays were over!

So I spent about two hours figuring out how to create the pattern and wanted to pass it onto you.  I also share how to sew it, which is fairly easy.

The bandannas cost me about 30 cents to make (rather than $5 or more each to buy) and I can make a bunch of them now in a variety of materials for seasons and holidays. 

I plan to get more creative and do each side a different print so it is reversible or even do some with zig zag stitching or sew on buttons, etc.