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Juice Slush or Punch (with liquor)


here are several recipes out there for this, but I have adapted this to fit my tastes.

Some recipes have tea in them, but I could never taste the tea, and it was too much of a hassle to brew it, so I left that out. I suppose when the water is being brought to a boil in the first step, tea bags could be thrown in the water.

Also, I believe the original recipe calls for vodka, but I LOVE the taste of Amaretto, so I changed up the recipe to fit my tastes.

9 cups boiling water
1 cup sugar
1 6 ox can frozen orange juice
1 6 ox can frozen lemonade
1 6 ox can frozen grape juice
2 cups Amaretto

Mix all of the ingredients until diluted and freeze (about 24 hours). I use a large ice cream container as it fits perfectly. However, this could be divided into several containers.

Scoop out the frozen mixture into a glass and pour 7-up or Sprite over. Watch as it magically turns to a slush! Spoon-straws are a wonderful addition.

I prefer to use cans of soda as this mix lasts for a long while and, therefore, with each new drink I make I have fresh bubbly soda.

This is also GREAT as a fruit punch! Freeze it in nicely shaped containers and put it in your punch bowl. Pour the soda over and wait! It does need to be done a bit ahead of time to allow it to become slush. However, doing it too soon will result in liquid only, but hey, it still tastes good!

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