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Quick Fruit Salad



Happy Boss's Day, World!

Happy birthday, my dear brother!

I am blessed to work with some great people and thank God for them.

The peoples at our office are all pitching in to bring our bosses lunch today. This is what I am bringing.

I also cut up the rest of the strawberries and grapes and made another side dish of fresh fruit to take along.

I make it often for potlucks as it usually disappears. Everyone wants to know how I made it and I'm thinking, "uh, I opened a can."

Quick Fruit Salad

1 can peach pie filling (I like to cut up the peaches more)
2 slices bananas
2 cups sliced strawberries (I usually make the slices fairly thin)
1 cup grapes, halved
1 cup blueberries (I generally just use frozen)

Stir it all up in a bowl and chill until serving.

**This is great over ice cream and/or cake too! Although I love eating it just as it feels so guilty eating such good tasting fruit.

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