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Cake Balls vs. Petit Fours vs. Bon Bons


What is the difference between cake balls, petite fours, and bon bons. I had a conversation with someone who said she was eating bon bons and I just knew they were cake balls! So, as I always do, I set out to analyze the difference between them so that we can tell them apart.

Cake balls - These are a fairly new phenomenon overall. They could every Christmas to table around the world. They are so simple to make.
~~~~attributes: round; any cake crumpled and squished back together; covered in melted frosting or bark

Petit fours - this term sounds colonial old and classy to me. I wasn't really sure what they were!
~~~~attributes: square; center is pound or sponge cake; covered in frosting

Bon bons - This term sounds so "uppity" to me. I think I would make some kind of mocking imitation if I were to eat them
~~~~attributes: round; center is fondant, fruit, or nut; covered in fondant or chocolate

And NOW, you know the rest of the story! (okay, for those who don't get that, you're young like my boys!--do a search for Paul Harvey--smile)