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Maple Toast & Eggs


6/25/2012 Hubby and I made these together this weekend and were surprised at how much we liked them. The bottoms actually get toasted!

I only put one image in my layout above, but here are some I took while creating this masterpiece.  Oh goodness!  I couldn't believe I was rolling out a piece of bread!  It was quick and easy and kind of fun.  I wonder what else I can use these new found skills for?  I had not gotten out my rolling pin in a long time.  In fact, I had a few weeks ago cleaned out the drawer in the kitchen and decided to give it a new home since we had not used it in so long, only to have to drag it out again.

This the bread after smearing syrup and butter mixture on it.  This was such a weird step I could not figure out how it would turn out, but rather fun to play with food!  It actually gives an interesting flavor to the end results as well as makes it crisp like toast.

Here is the bread turned upside down stuffed into the muffin cups.

Next step was to crumple bacon into the cups.

 The next step was to break an egg into each muffin cup.

 Here's another look at it ready to bake.

Here is is fresh out of the oven. 

A close up of it out of the oven.  We do not like runny eggs and were concerned and sticking a fork in it.  

Here it is on the plate!  We tried slicing it with a fork to eat, but decided it needed to be cut with a knife.  That is, until we discovered it was best picked up with the fingers and eaten!

The inside is actually like a hard boiled egg.  It was even good leftover and just nuked in the microwave for 30 seconds.  I really liked them and couldn't stop eating them (who needs to cook another meal all weekend!)

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