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Chicken Salad Ideas

Two Recipes




Okay, this is probably about the best thing we've made together so far, for me personally anyway, and I'm ready to make this just for myself! Hubby wouldn't eat it, but this could easily be cut in half only using one chicken breast, one apple, etc. Nuts and cranberries are easy enough to add only half a bag. I would probably use my favorite almond nuts instead of the baking ones and just add half the container.

We had this again the next day by adding it to a bed of lettuce, then used the leftover salad dressing from the Pear and BBQ chicken salad before topping with the chicken salad.  

It was so good I had to eat it straight from a bowl with a fork!

Ingredients below.  Video below (or here).

Chicken (breast, cooked and chopped)
Onion (chopped)
Apple (chopped)
Grapes (halved)
Cranberries (dried)
Almonds (sliced)
Mayo (any variety)
Lemon juice
Garlic powder
Bread for serving (or any other creative serving idea)



My friend inspired me to make some chicken salad and I'm excited to play to make a different sandwich every day!

Cooked chicken breast all day in crockpot yesterday, breaking apart in shreds from time to time as it cooked with salt, pepper, and bouillon. Can't tell you all I put in it. Remember mayo, olive oil, red onion, onion powder, garlic powder, dates, tad of sugar, mustard, and pickle relish. Weird yes! But tastes fab to me!

Chicken Salad #1 - Today its watermelon! 

To make toast, spread a little mayo on bread and fry in pan. 


Chicken Salad Day 2 chicken salad -- on wheat thins with sliced olives and cantaloupe--looks kind of weird, but tasted good. 

Chicken Salad Day 3 - no bread or crackers, but lettuce boats, with honeydew, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes #havefunwithyourfood

The cheese and melon was surprisingly good together in what bite!

Chicken salad Day 4 fun! How many ways can I make it new? Today it's on cucumber slices topped with walnuts, and carrots, tomatoes,  and New Zealand white sharp cheddar   cheese. Still drinking the blood orange lemonade I made on Sunday. Cut a few hosta flowers to grace my plate. It's one of those perfect weather days on the patio. #eathealthy

Day 5 chicken salad fun - Tomato & Spinach

Inside a tomato on a bed of spinach, feta cheese, hard boiled egg, a few French's cheddar onions, and balsamic vinaigrette. 

I had to use a knife to cut the tomato in order to eat. Not my fave to do, but tastes delish ! Hubby drank my blood orange lemonade gone, so ice water in a cocktail glass is fun!

Day six chicken salad - green pepper and donuts

Today's chicken salad foodie fun  comes to you on a small plate because someone brought in Krispy Kreme at work! On a green bell pepper, with one slice of tomato and one slice of cheese send a glass of milk and and purple coneflower from the garden and I still have chicken salad left. #frugal #lunchtime #enjoythesimplethings #eathealthy #fatpeopletry