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Pizza for Two


Hubby and I continue to enjoy learning to cook for two.  Not just cooking for two, but cooking for two people with extremely different taste buds.

We have had this pizza crust mix for a while now and finally got around to playing with it.  We had such fun we cannot wait to play again!  So here's lunch!

Hubby browned some ground turkey and hand mixed the dough before I got home for lunch from work.  While I was cutting up my veggies, I was verbally guiding him on smooshing the dough into the pan.  I have to laugh inside because he's barely smooshing it saying it won't go to the edges, instead of man-handling it.  I finally got him to push down hard and he quickly got the idea that, yes, it would spread to the edges.

We scrunched up the middle of the dough to keep our sides separated.  We added canned pizza sauce and ground turkey (he got about 3/4ths of the turkey).

Here are my veggies all chopped on the cutting board, including portabella mushrooms, green pepper, tomato, and onion.

Instead of veggies, hubby added lots of cooks bacon.  My veggies are on the right side.

We added a four cheese shredded mixture, with hubby getting at least twice as much cheese as my side.

Here it is, straight from the toaster oven after about 15 minutes!  I think my side looks much better as the cheese melted between the veggies, while hubby's had no where to go and got a bit toasted.

I had to zoom in the camera for you.

Here's my yummy pizza on a plate!  Doesn't it look scrumptious!

Okay, yes, I had to zoom in again and, yes, it was scrumptions!  It was extremely filling too.  I was stuffed!

Here's hubby's pizza and he was happy too.

We began thinking of what we could do next time, even wondering what potato slices would be like on a pizza.  I'm going to have to make a list of my favorite pizza toppings and be prepared next time.

The cheese at the bottom was 100 calories, but my phone couldn't get the complete list on it for a screen shot.  My half of the pizza was 618 calories.  Wow!  Huge meal for me, but probably less than if we had ordered a pizza in, plus, I got the toppings I enjoyed.

We figured hubby's pizza was probably more calories, with the bacon maybe being more than my veggies, plus he had more meat and cheese.  However, mine was more fun!