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Potatoes, Onions, Ham, and Cheese - single serving style

I was playing with food, as I do often now.  I rarely use recipes, but just try throwing things together.  This time, I had some ham, potatoes, cheese and an onion.  I think I was trying to use up the potatoes before they went bad.

I put the potatoes and onion, cut into slices, in my single serve bowl.  Yes, I am learning to cook for one or two.

Next I put the ham, diced on top of the potato and onions.

I mixed and warmed together a tad of milk and a tad of flour for a cheese sauce.

I added some butter because sauce is just better with butter!

Then I added my cheese, sliced up for easier melting, to the sauce mixture.

Then I warmed it until it bubbled and thickened up, being careful to whisk it often so it would not burn.

I topped my potatoes, onions, and ham with the cheese sauce in my personal bowl.

I heated it for a while, but honestly, I cannot tell you how long because I waited too long to blog this.

I believe I had added salt and pepper along the way too, but it turned out marvelously!

I'm not sure how many calories this had, nor how fattening it was with the cheese sauce, but I remember it filled me right up and was yummy.