Garlic Thyme Butter


There is lemon thyme that grows in my flower garden really well. I like to tie it up as decoration and when it is dried, crush it up to be jarred. It is rather therapeutic to put it in sandwich bags to crush between my fingers, smelling the fragrance filling the air, while pulling out stem parts. It takes a while to rid the dried herb of the stem parts, but I rather enjoy doing it while chatting with hubby. Now that I had this lemon thyme, I have to figure out what to do with it. I have added it to lemon thyme scones and to bread. However, we have become addicted to this garlic thyme butter.

Here are the ingredients: 1/2 stick butter, softened to room temperature, dried lemon thyme (although any store bought thyme would work as well), salt, onion powder, and about 7 cloves of garlic, minced. We really like garlic, so we add a lot, but fewer would work to taste preferences. I have also made this with garlic powder when I had no fresh garlic. I have also made this with dried basil from the garden, but we like the thyme best.


I do not have measurements to give you, but I laid the amount I add onto a plate so you can approximate.

I have this multi-useful teacup that is not just for drinking, but any bowl will work. Use the prongs of a fork to mush the butter and ingredients together, occasionally stirring and whipping the butter around as well, until it is well blended.

I put the butter in a small jar with a lid and leave it on the kitchen counter. I find it does not spoil and lasts just fine for at least a week, but we often eat it gone quickly.

We like to put it on fresh baked from scratch bread slices. I also like to put a dab on the meat I am cooking in my cast iron skillet. I add it at the end after the meat, such as steak or chicken or pork, is done. A little dab will do you! I think I put too much on in this photo of the bread, but I was doing it for photo appeal purposes. Ah! But this butter sure does go a long way. I have added it to cooked garbanzo beans as a side. It can also go on top of a baked potato or to season a side of noodles. We cook for one or two often, so I like have it handy and adding just a small amount, watching the calories I eat, but also eating whole foods.