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Creativity Cannot Be Forced

Here I go again, learning this same lesson again. I've learned it many times and apparently I am going to have to keep learning it over and over again.

I have had a schedule with the classes at Hummie's World whereby one month I put out new content for one set and another month I put out new content for another set. I've kept up the schedule for a while now and it has worked well for a while now, but once again I am finding that I am getting burnt out, waking up every morning and trying to force myself to think of something new to inspire Subscribers. I just cannot seem to force it anymore. I've been here before.

Each time, I step back and recall how if I allow myself to first scrap for myself, that new things come out from within and that it is at this time that I seem to motivate people more.

New ideas come forth. New content comes forth, New videos to share what I am excited about come forth. If I am excited about it, that excitement rubs off. If I am forcing it, that forcing rubs off.

I think what first started with people following me a lot online is that they read my journaling and identify with it. I haven't been doing that and I'm feeling like I am loosing people's interest. Is it time to go back to where I started? So I have a gift of journaling, of being "transparent" in my thoughts, and I am not using it. Why? Because I'm afraid of what people will think of me, especially those who know me in person who have found this site and may be reading.

I think many scrapbookers can identify with my feelings shared in this layout. Designer and CT who have so many guidelines and rules and commitments to meet. I think at Hummie's World we keep guidelines to a minimum and I do so on purpose because I realize that these things can zap creativity. You'll make better products and better layouts if they are "imploding" from inside -- and imploding products and layouts will inspire others to purchase the product more too.

The new year is a good time to start anew again with our focus.

Here is my journaling from the layout:

How many times have I gotten caught up in my own goals trying to create new content for the site and forcing it from within an organized structure of to-do’s, causing me to feel burnt out, trying to push creativity out of me to share with others --
only to back off again and “just scrap” and “just create” to realize that creativity implodes from within. When I allow external forces of life to dwell up inside me until it collapses and falls inward into my soul and spills outward onto my layouts, that is when it explodes as inspiration and great ideas that move others. Time and again I have to relearn this same lesson. If I am to inspire and teach others, I have to first allow it to implode from within.

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