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Pass "go" and collect -- a six day journey

November 13, 2014

Just some thoughts today about Abigail's six day journey. 

During her six days, she was "just being" and resting in God's grace that was sufficient. 

She never will have to worry about where to live, finding a job, paying the bills, taking a test, pleasing people, waiting on car repairs, what to wear, fitting in, being healthy, or any other thing that we humans go through.

She did not have to go directly to jail, the realm of the devil.

She got to pass "go" and collect her heavenly life of eternity, missing all the yuck in the world. 

Of course in contrast, she also missed blessings and happiness of this world, but I imagine she is experiencing all of the blessings and happiness of this world and so much more than I can ever imagine this side of heaven.

Somehow it feels wrong to relate my thoughts to a monopoly game, especially when life is not a game.  Life is a very serious matter.  It is just an analogy for relating, not something we need to play around with.

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