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Cuivre River State Park

We visited Cuivre River State Park on August 4, 2018, and tent camped for one night. We went down the 136 steps to the Lakeside Trail that goes along Lake Lincoln and also walked on the Turkey Hollow Trail (.8 mile loop) through the forest and up on the cliff edges with the views overlooking the Cuivre River that is just outside the park. The park is located at 678 MO-147, Troy, Lincoln County, Missouri, which is just an hour from St. Louis. We did spy a beach with canoes and kayaks that could be rented, but we had our dogs with us who have never done such a thing, so we skipped it although it looked fun. There are twelve trails available at the park.

Here are some of the photos, but to see them all view the slideshow video above.

You can see the beach in the distances of this photo.

This is the beginning of the Turkey Hollow Trail.

Along the Turkey Hollow Trail it came out at this pavalion area and then we went back onto the trail.

This was behind the pavalion and you can see the trail to the right of it.

You can see a road to the right, so I suppose you could have driven up here to see the views rather than hike it.

In these views, you can clearly see Cuivre River which is just outside the park boundaries.