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Digital Scrapbooking Classes - Miscellaneous Videos

Here are some miscellaneous videos from throughout the years that do not fit in any class. Some of these are useful and some are just fun to see the history of the internet and site.

You asked me!

#1. What is the most underestimated skill in digital scrapbooking?

#2. Templates should be fairly easy, right. Why don't they seem easy to me?

#3. I always have a problem with photo's and how to make them look sharp and clear 

#4. Are papers in a Digital Scrapbooking designed to be used together? How do I match colors?

#5 I cannot just click on an element to choose a layer. I used to be able to click to select and now I have to go to the layers to choose the layer before I can do anything to it.

#6 Tips on using flickr. I can't seem to figure it out!

#7 Hummie, as you well know, digi-scrappers have a need for huge storage. We want to save all our creations as well as the plethora of stuff we used to create them. How do you "personally" solve this dilemma?




A video I made sharing how to post from the Photopost gallery to the website. This may still be helpful for some digital scrapbooking galleries.


I made this for the home page of my site on September 27, 2008, as an introduction and tour to the site. It is a fun glimpse at what the site looked like at that time.


Um, I found this. It must have done it in 2007 and Lori said she believes it is her. We must have been trying to put together a theme song for the site. How fun!

This video shares how to upload to a photopost gallery.

This video shares how to post from the gallery to the forum.

This video shares how to edit a layout in the gallery. It includes deleting a layout.

This video was made to introduce Groups in forums. Groups are a great way to find only those topics you are interested in to chat and share with others interested in the same topics.  Why not join one today?  Create a new one if your favorite topics are not available.

Here is an older video for some frequently asked questions in the forum.

0:00 min Uploading Avatars and Profile Pictures

2:00 min Editing Signature Area and how to add links to Signature and forum

3:10 min. Adding photos directly into posts

6:35 min. Using the chatroom


This was a video I had made when we had an x-cart store in 2012. The store has closed and my files are now at Etsy, but just in case this helps someone, here it is.


I know longer have x-cart at my site, but just in case this helps another designer at another site, here it is!

Learn how to use in digital scrapbooking. was Pinterest before there was a Pinterest. Now no one uses the site.

I used to use TwitterGadget regularly, but I have not used it in a long time.

This is a video from when ACDSee first came out and was big in the digiworld in 2008. It was heavily marketed for us by two wonderful ladies, but when they stopped working for the company, the product use died down. It is still a good tool.

This was my review of their site with tutorials from probably 2008. It went downhill after the two ladies stopped maintaining it and answering questions.


I found this old video and thought I would share it in case it helps someone. I do not recommend using 4shared anymore, but maybe the skills are similar in other hosting.


Sometimes, I shared a freebie in the forum and requested you hit the thank button before you can see the download link.


So many are new to using forums, so do not be embarrassed! This set of videos will help you learn how to navigate forums and feel comfortable around My Corner Online.

This is the first video. What is a tree? No, silly, I mean a "forum tree!"

Let's take a deep look at navigating the forum. How do you find new posts and events?

Here is the second video.

In this video I review the settings area of the forum.

In this area, you can read your private messages, change your avatar, and edit your signature line, as well as many other settings.



Hubby and I celebrated Hummie's World's 2nd birthday with a cake and want you to sing along with us in the video.

Happy 9th Birthday/Anniversary Hummie's World! A Video Thanks.

6/3/2010 Just in case you missed all the excitement a few days ago, I want to share with you the video. Dawn surprised me first thing in the morning with this video as a gift for my digi-birthday on May 31, 2005. I can hardly believe it's been 5 years!

Yesterday was Dawn's 2 year anniversary here at Hummie's World. I tried to get this video done yesterday, but I was too productive doing other things. So, without further ado, here's our greeting!

7/2/2015 Hey all, Dawn here!! I had to hijack Hummie's blog today, cause it's HER special day!! So.... I made a video. :) Leave her some love!!! We appreciate you Hummie!!

These are old videos to the introduction of classes. They may help you, but it is mostly fun to look back at an old version of the website.



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