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Scraplift Challenge

Scraplift Challenge Guide

There's no stealing allowed . . except in baseball and basketball! Have you ever heard that fun statement?

The same could be said of scrapbooking. There's no stealing allowed . . except in scraplifting!

Scraplifting is taking inspiration (or "lifting") an idea or design from another layout for your own page. It is considered a compliment and most scrapbookers are honored to be lifted.

The inspiration provided by browsing through galleries until something hits you can be a great way to get past a road block. One just needs to be careful not to be distracted to other readings while looking for something to scraplift!

This challenge takes the distractions away as the layout you will scraplift is provided for you. It is amazing to see how each person sees something different in a layout and interprets it into their own layout.

Just take whatever you are inspired by from the layout. It is different for each person and that is what is so fun about seeing how everyone else does the same scraplift.

Most people will look at how many and where the photos are and place their photos in the same location on their page, as well as mats and a few of the elements. You will be using your own papers, photos, and elements, but just doing it similar to the layout that is being scraplifted.

Scraplifting is a form of flattery. The person being scraplifted is honored that someone liked their layout enough to scraplift it. It's a great way to build community spirit. So if you ever scraplift someone, do be sure to give them credit.

You can look at scraplifting sometimes the same as you would utilizing a sketch. However, sometimes the scraplift may be a technique on a small part of your layout and not a total scraplift.

NOTE: If your layout is shared here to be scraplifted, we hope you feel it as an honor. However, if you want the image removed, please just ask and I will kindly do so.

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