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Recipe Challenge

Recipe Challenge

Are you looking for something to give as a gift? Then hurry to do these lessons and create a book or set of cards!

Are you wanting a new fresh way to organize your own recipes? Choose a new set-up and create layouts with recipes on them. There are many ideas in ways to utilize digital scrapbooking layouts as recipes. You can create a hardbound book at Shutterfly. You can create 6 x 4 cards and print them individually and put them in a box or a binder with that size slots. You can make full page layouts and put them in three ring binders with sleeves. The ideas are endless.

The good news is that once you create these for yourself digitally, they are easily shared with friends and family. Share them on Facebook. Make a book as a wedding gift from your own layouts. Give each of your children a book of your favorite recipes. This could be the creation that keeps on giving!


1. A great many scrappers do 4 x 6 cards. 

2. 3 ring binder with the clear cover sheets

Recipe binder at Zazzle

Make your own custom binder at Zazzle

3. 8.5x11 pages and slip them into the presentation books

4. 12 x 12, print them out in 8 x 8 or 6 x 6 size

5. Carousel of cards / Rotating Photo / Recipe Flipper (source image)

6. Individual cards in a days of old (image source)

Here is an Etsy search for recipe box to inspire you.

7. You can buy plastic sleeves for 4 x 6 cards.

8. Laminate them (at Walmart at Best Buy at Staples)

8. Do you put these in a hardbound book online? Where do you order?

10. What kind of paper do you print on if printing at home? 

11. How would you make dividers? (image source)

12. Do you want all your pages to match or not? Partly match or not at all?

13. Do you want to be able to have flexibility to add to it or is your goal a bound book?

14. Repurpose book / altered book (image source)

15. Altered tin (image source)

16. Bind-it-all or other home binding system

I called Staples.  I kind of want to do square cards. So, I am going to do 5 x 5 cards. They can put two on a letter size paper. One paper can be printed for 59 cents and laminated for $1.99. That is $1.58 for printing and laminating for two cards (or $1.29 per card). Since it will last a long time laminated, I think this is the best way to go about it and makes it most cost effective. It's just like when I say to print on the best paper because of fade resistance -- spend more -- last longer--makes your per money value smaller. Then I'm going to find a wooden box without a lid or make one and then decoupage it and then I'll make inserts for tabs of topics. I like the idea of them sticking out of a box.

I am still going to do the same size -- 6 x 6 -- but I am going to just be putting these into OneNote and/or just an image file on my iPad so I can have my recipes and cook from my iPad! Maybe someday I can order a hard bound book for relatives as a gift.

To complete the challenges to earn credit, you must create one recipe per category. However, you are welcome to make and share as many recipe layouts as you want, just put them in the applicable thread after uploading to the gallery.

Although you may use any products, I wanted to share with you my huge recipe kit. Not all items are shown as many are available in each color. You may find my kit in my Etsy Store.

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