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Welcome to my genealogy website. This is a work in progress. If you have arrived here by searching the internet and find that we are related, please do send me an email. I would love to connect and share information. Genealogy contact only:

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Genealogy Helps

Historical Events and Our Family - Links to stories and significant events in my family as well as a general chronoligal list of historic events that effected our family.

The Revolutionary War and My Ancestors

St. Louis in the 1800's

Research Links

Start with You

What County is That?

Genealogy E-mail Lists

Finding Rootsweb

Genealogy Books and Videos

Genealogy Quotes

Who were the Viewmakers?

World War 1

Using Google Books - I find a lot of good tips in Google Books

Genealogy Books and Videos - I found a need to list the books I own so I do not make repeat buys.

My Tree

I plan to build four fan charts beginning with each of my four grandparents.

Wilson A. Rutledge, Sr. Fan Chart


Interactive Maps

Cheryl's map - Click to open map in new browser.

Here is an interactive map with the locations of interest for family lines. Click on the index icon in the upper left corner to select locations sorted by surname. It is fun to cruise locations of interest by street view.

Keith's map - Click to open map in new browser.





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