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Heritage Course

This course is to inspire you to complete a heritage book through the generations. Each page is to include photos, if any, as well as birthdates and anniversaries. Of course, you can do more if you want. In addition, in some challenges, you may have more than one layout, but you should taylor this challenge to the lineage history you have available to you.

If you do not have photos, then scrap a page with the couple's information without photos.

When you have completed all of the below challenges, you will receive a special icon by your name, but more importantly, you will have a treasure for generations to come.

Consider having your book published. I use Shutterfly's hardbound book service.

You will see many, but not all, of my pages below. The names were edited out for privacy.


When I made my book, I also created everything for the pages and made it available for purchase. You can purchase my kit in my Etsy store here. (You can use any products for your layouts, as always.)

I have an Irish kit Add-on here.

A. Cover Page

Create a cover page for your heritage book and share it here.

Here are your digital scrapbooking layout covers!

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