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The first few sets of these Book of Me (About Me) prompts where especially written and provided by Angie Pedersen. Angie is well known in the digital scrapbooking world for her "Book of Me" books.

VIDEO review of Angie's books

You can follow Angie's Blog of Me to learn more about her. When I first started digital scrapbooking in May of 2005, Angie was running the Scrapbooking Industry News blog also. She was a great help to me as I became familiar with this great hobby.

Take a peek inside a few pages of one of Angie's books at Amazon.

BOM is an acronym for "Book of Me." Sometimes this challenge is also called "About Me." You can purchase all three of her books ("The Book of Me," "Growing up Me," and The Book of Us") on her site, as well as ekits and teaching materials.

Be inspired by Angie's Book of Me posts on Twitter. Follow her personal Twitter account. Follow her board on Pinterest.

Angie lives in Kansas City and I was privileged to meet her at the St. Louis Digi Gathering.

Most scrappers do not like to talk about themselves and often prefer to hide behind the camera (like me!). This causes us to leave out ourselves in our family albums. Years from now when our decedents review our scrapbooks, they will see everyone but the scrapper! I am sure they will wonder and wish you had scrapped about yourself.

This challenge may be difficult for some, but it is good to push ourselves to scrap about ourselves. Remember to sometimes turn the camera on yourself or allow someone else to take a photo of you. Learn how to journal your thoughts and really let "you" come through on the layouts.

I am confident that these challenges will not only help you to tell stories about yourself, but also to grow in understanding who you are.

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