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Welcome to "The Fun Extras"!

There are so many resources available at My Corner Online that one needs a guide to find them all. This class will cover all of fun resources hidden about the site! Lessons will take you through short video tips, layout and crafts, thought-provoking questions, and miscellaneous tutorials.

This class is different from other classes in that you only need to post in each lesson thread a comment to complete the lesson. There are no layout requirements in this class.

If you are inspired to create a layout from the lesson, we encourage you to do so and share.  It's certainly a way to make me smile knowing you have been inspired!


Please complete set 1 before beginning set 2, and so on. You may jump around within each set as you do the challenges, but do not move onto the next set until you complete a set.

The challenges are in sets of 20. Once you complete each set, you will be awarded a special icon by your name. More importantly, your true reward will be your completed layouts.

Use it as your excuse to drop by the site often!


Click on the "Set 1" link above to find the link to the first lesson.

After you complete the assignment, be sure to make a comment so that we know it has been completed.

I look forward to working with you and getting to know you better.

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