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The Fun Extras - Set Eight

141. Screen Name

Let's get to know each other a little better?

How did you choose your screen name?

you can read mine on the About Me page, but I have copied it here.

am a much happier person being a
"Hummdingertub," than trying to make money.

What is a "Hummdingertub?" 
It is the kind of person my Grandma was.
See the layout below.
She was the kind of person who had it in her heart to help others in all ways.
She played the washtub in a 
charity band called the Hummdingers.

The band was active in St. Louis from 1966 through 1983.
Long after Grandma passed away, my Grandpa received calls to book the band. 
My internet nickname, Hummie,
is a shortened version of Hummdingertub, dubbed to me by people on the internet.

Psst. That is padding on Grandma!
The yellow color is the outside cover of the band's minute book. The writings are a few scanned in copies from inside the book.


Here are your comments!

My user name is my family nickname - not much used these days now I'm old and grey, but I'm quite fond of it, particularly as it was mainly my beloved dad who used it. Sadly, he died a few years ago, but I have great memories of him (he was a great dad, human with flaws like us all, but just a lovely person!). Mole

I'm lynnedbears because that is what my kids decided to call me when I was big into making mohair collector bears. Still have loads of the mohair but somehow scrapping just seems to have taken over..... lynnedbears

I'm just me, LOL!!!! well, technically I'm a Bernadette, but there's only my mum ever calls me that now, LOL!! I just needed a username I could remember, LOL!!! Bernie x

Mine's pretty easy...I am a tried and true TCU Horned Frog (if you are into college football at all, we were one of 2 non-BCS teams last year to get into a BCS Bowl game...Tostito's Fiesta Bowl...awesome...we lost, but still...and we are ranked #7 nationally to start off this year!!! You can look at my gallery to see some LO's from the game, it was so fun!) So Froggy comes from that, most everything I log into has Frog in it somehow. The Mamma part comes from, well...being a mom. But down here in TX we tend to spell it more "country"...even though I'm pretty far from being a "country" girl… froggymamma

Boring really, just my name and initials. JanetMM

My screen name is a combination of my first name and middle name and the first 3 letters of my last name - now I have to demonstrate. My name is Cynthia Cecelia Dennis, now changed to ccynden, as there are so many Cynthia's out there in the scrapping world, I had to keep selecting different forms as the ones I wanted were already chosen. ccynden

Just my first name and last initial. I use to go by scrappynana because I have so many grandchildren but somehow drifted away from it. With all the sites I'm on, I've only seen one other Nancy. NancyP

My screename are my initials plus 36 which is the year I was born (an oldie) and also my street number. Cheers Eileen etw36

My screenname is my dog's name (Belle) and my favorite number (33). I went back to teaching at 33 years old after being home with my boys for 5 years. I really missed teaching and was lucky to get a job as the market was scarce. I felt really good that whole year and loved being 33!
Mine is boring too. I just use my real first name. Have to say I have not gone by Jackie since 1985, but can't get a few of my friends or my Grandpa to call me Jaclin. Old habits.... you know....

Mine was inspired in memory of my first husband. I was 17, he was 18 when we got married and he died in a logging accident a little over a year later. His friends called him "Kenny J". My name is Pamela Jane, so it worked for me. pammyj

My name is patti and scrapping is my passion, so I came up with Pattie's passion. This is what I use the most but I think I just put PattiM when I signed up here. Scrapping Is My Passion is the name of my blog.. PattiM

My screen name comes from the next thing I want to be "when I grow up." A professional photographer. d'lynne photography is what I want it to be called. So ergo the name. My name is Dee and Lynne is my middle name. dlynne

Tlcmom was my license plate until I totaled the car Our business is Total Landscape Care (TLC) and my hubby's truck's plate was TLC SR my son's plate was TLC JR and I was TLC MOM. We don't use the custom plates anymore though. A funny thing about it was - I had a neighbor think I was bragging on my mothering skills and thought it was "wrong". She was pretty disgusted until I explained it to her. But, I am an awesome mom!!

Mine is my name as well. April is my favorite time of year as well. I love the promise of spring and the new life it brings with it. So it also represents my favorite season as well as my name.

My name is what I get called alot for a nickname, real name is Julia ! Jules

My screen name is a nickname that my cousin used when I was a little girl. We moved from Kansas, and I have since lost touch with him, but I still remember him calling me Lulubelle. It was a wonderful time in my life that I still go back to whenever I get the chance to go "home". lulubelle

Lovinlifegurl--i chose it because right about that time i was understanding that although i had done all i wanted/needed to do in life, i still loved being in and working in the world, understanding that there were still things i was called to do and that i needed to love the life i had rather than the life i wished for. I stopped wishing for that last and decided to just love the days i had left to me till i was called away. Some days i succeed in heeding my calls; somedays it's a bit much, but each day i try to find a way to love myself, love life.

Mine goes back to my very first email address back in 199whenever, when we first got internet. I've always loved crafting and momma was the only thing I could think of to go with it. Craftmomma has not been my email address for years, but I still use it as a username from time to time.

In the UK you are able to purchase car registration numbers that you can pass on from car to car. although they still conform to the current rules for car registration. (normally our reg numbers are specific to the car not the person who owns it). Hubbie bought me a new car and as an extra surprise a personalised reg number - A1 BJM which designates the year of the car and my initials. I've used it as my username ever since we had the internet. a1bjm

Well, I was having a hard time coming up with a name that day, and I was feeling a bit it's from that...I'm Just a mommie. JustAMommie -

Willogem is my nick name. When I was little I Loved willow tree's. We had one in the back yard & I was always climbing it or sitting up in it & reading. My great grandmother started calling me Willow & she would tell me "your such a gem" so I added the two together. Its different & it's never taken when I sign up for things lol.

Funny I thought I had answered this one a couple of months ago too. but it seems not. I am totally boring I am afraid. Just my name and last initial. no thought has gone into this has it. JodyT

I'm Tammy and I'm here, hence Tammy's here...I'm so boring. LOL
I have had people ask if my last name is Shere. Nope. Tammyshere

Dee, my husband's nickname for me. Anne, my given middle name. K, the first initial of my surname (married). DeeAnneK

As a child, I was always outdoors, mostly in the woods climbing trees. My Favorite tree was in my grandmothers yard. It was a Willow tree. I loved the way the branches & leaves, weeped & swayed in the wind. My grandmother nicknamed me "Willow" & always told me, I was a gem. I combined the 2 & found it easy to use as it was Never taken ;) When I started tagging 7 years back I used it as my taggers name & kept it since I'm recognized this way. willogem

When I was knitting small purses to sell, briefly, I made business cards that said NanKnits. I also started. Knitting blog and called it the same. I got more interested in cooking and started another blogspot blog called NanCooks. My interests have switched to Digiscrap and it was natural to call myself NanScraps.

it's my "real" name and surname I usually have a nickname I always use on the web, that is Kyky. My family call me so, and as well my friend. My boyfriend calls me "kryky". My blog is KykyScrap. BTW, you already have a Kiki here at hummie's and I think it would be confusing having a Kyky and a Kiki??? ^__^ Chiara Castelluccia
Same here, I did this back in 2010. Still need credit for it. From 8-19-2010 (quote: Just my first name and last initial. I use to go by scrappynana because I have so many grandchildren but somehow drifted away from it. With all the sites I'm on, I've only seen one other Nancy. ) NancyP

Mine is my name. I had 5778 tagged at the end of it when I first came here (and it is still that way on other sites) cause my birthday is May 7, 1978. But I cut off the numbers here a few years ago. Dawn

I'm just me. I really don't have a nickname Dawn Miner

My name is my name. Maggie is a shortened version of my full name Maggie

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