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The Fun Extras - Set Eight

151. Brush Viewing Software (link to comment 1) (link to comment 2) (link to comment 3)

In this lesson, we have three videos reviewing software for viewing brushes before you install the brushes.

These videos were created in about 2007, so the software may be updates since then and look different now.

You can get the abrViewer free at sourceforge or at TextureMate where I note he indicates he created the program.

Tumusoft software is now called Argus and is available for $10. It is available for Mac and XP users in a version called Breeze. This is an awesome software which also views patterns, styles, shapes, gradients, contours, swatches, and .psd files.

ACDSee is also a software previously used by many digital scrapbookers, but I do not see as many using it now, to manage files by tagging them. However, do note that the tagging may be lost (I've done other tutorials on this in many versions of software) if you move or loose the database and it cannot find the files (unless .jpg and it writes into the files). However, it does do much more than tagging. For instance, you can view brush files in it.