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The Fun Extras - Set Eight

143. Brush resources

Brush resources are addictive once you learn how to use them. There is a tutorial in Course 2 for how to use brushes. There are also lessons in the Designer classes. You may start collecting them like you do fonts!


Here are your comments!


Thanks for the list, Hummie!! I've got some from Brusheezy and Obsidian Dawn and.... Tammyshere

Thanks for the list, Hummie. I've used brushes for clouds and grass but not much else. I'll have to check out some of these links and use them more often. Belle33

I'm still walking on thin ice with brushes. Don't know why they scare me so much. I am going to check out your lists and play around some more and see if I can get comfortable with them. I see some beautiful work done with brushes!! NancyP

I love brushes and the resources you have provided is fantastic. Thank you. Ccynden

After all these years, I am still not all that confident using brushes. I have several of them in my stash. I really need to get back to playing with them. Thanks for the reminder. Dawn

Great resource list Hummie, many thanks a1bjm

Hummie thank you for the list I really have to start using brushes more. Dawn Miner

Great list of brushes, Hummie! I bookmarked a few that I liked. I think I have some from Obsidian Dawn from a few years ago.

I love adding to my resources. I love brushes Maggie