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The Fun Extras - Set Eight

149. - Putting Off

What pictures have you been putting off scrapping and why?

Here are your comments!


The only pictures I've been putting off are the most recent ones of my grandkids. That's because I'm working on an album for my DDIL about their trip to the Cayman Island. When I finish that book, I'll get back to the other albums. Belle33

None. I'm just not staying current with what I've taken photos of… Tammyshere

None. I can scrap with any pictures I have taken. And without pictures too. All styles are good style. AMarieT
I have an album that I need to do for a friend, and for whatever reason, I just can't seem to get started on it. I keep putting it off. Wish I knew why???? NancyP

I have a TON of photos that I need to scrap. A lot of them of course for the kids that I babysit. Dawn

I've been putting off because I can't make up my mind which photo or photos I want to do next. I am just so wishy washy. But then I will focus on the one photo that jumps out at me and then the game is on, and I will keep at it until I finished my layout; the cycle will then begin again as to which one to do next. SIGH!! ccynden -

I only have a couple of photos of my Dad who died when I was 4 years old. I keep trying to do a lo about him but as I have very few memories I find it difficult and emotional so have never actually managed to finish one to my liking. A1bjm

all of them I am in a rut need to jump out Dawn Miner

My wedding photos and photos from when my kids were small. These are from when photos were on film so I need to get them digitalised. Maggie

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