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Why did you start scrapping the digital way?

For me, I had not done much paper scrapper as it was so expensive, but always wanted to try. Digital scrapbooking was so intriguing--just the words made me wonder what it was. Once I started, there was no stopping me! It was able to fulfil my need where I was not able to do so with paper.


Here are your replies!


i started paper scrapping in 2000 because i wanted to tell my children and 5 g-kids family history. But, to make 3 copies of every page became really expensive. Actually, i did some of the pages digitally and then enhanced them with stickers and papers. But, when i found a digi-site on the i-net, i knew that was for me! That was circa 2002. i had been a news editor for two small town newspapers and still had my copies of Adobe PS and Pagemaker and knew how to do page layouts because i had to do that at the little newspapers, so it was just a natural extension of journalism. i am totally addicted and hope no one comes up with a 12-step program to free people from this addiction! heh heh. My grandfathers wrote fabulous journals, so i've been able to incorporate many of their historical entries, as well. My g-kids have had to write family history compositions for school and they've had most of that in the scrapbooks i've created. Jayleigh3

I started out collecting paper supplies LOL! Made 1 paper page then found digi! I love that I don't have to cut up my photos is the main reason I started using digi. Carolyn

Because of vision issues, it isn't safe for my to paper scrap. When I stumbled upon digital scrapbooking, I was overjoyed!!! Dawn

I never really tried paper scrapping because it looked tedious and time consuming. When I saw that I could scrap digitally I was hooked!! I love being on my computer and if I make a boo-boo I just delete or if I don't like the colors or whatever I can change them with no fuss. Tammy

I started digital scrapping after I saw a book made by Katy Pertiet on the Shutterfly gallery. I googled her name, found out what she used and how and the rest is history. I had done 2 paper scrapbooks before this and always hated having to go out to buy papers and stickers, etc. in the middle of the project. And I hated clearing off the table when done! Diane

I'm not sure why I started digital scrapping. I'm not even sure how I got started. What I do know is that I love it Maggie


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