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The Fun Extras - Set Eight


What is standing between you and scrapbooking?


Here are your comments!

Actually, nothing is standing in the way of my scrapbooking! I've been doing at least a page a day and often 2 since I got back from CA and had even been doing the same there. I could be doing more, I suppose, but I'm too fussy and I like to make sure each page is exactly as I want it to be. Belle33

Absolutely nothing! Only the time I give for playing piano, walking, cleaning my home, and living with my family, and so on...but it is also my blessed lifeā€¦ AmarieT

Right now a lack of motivation...but other than than not a thing. :D Tammyshere

Nothing that I can think of. Now that the grandchildren are in school, my time is pretty much my own, and also at night when they go to bed. I just stay off the computer when they are home to give them my attention, but I have plenty of my own time. LOVE it!!!! NancyP

I stand in the way of me - I have tons to scrap but I am so slow in deciding what to do. So I am constantly designing in my head what photos speak to me and then I will put them together, but it is never a fast production. For me, it is the photo or photos that decide what I want to convey, then I look for just the right kit or embellishment or just nothing at all if that is the right thing to do. Journaling is the next big hurdle to completing a layout for me. Hope this makes sense as to me standing in the way of "myself", but I eventually get it done, and am fairly satisfied with the end product. ccynden -

I have been so busy lately, and when I do have downtime at home, I find myself either watching TV or laying down. I really want to break that habit and at least commit to doing a page or two a week. Dawn

Enjoying life and living it to the full takes time and time is what stands in my way. There is always so much I want to do I run out of time. a1bjm

Nothing stand in my way but I haven't got much motivation lately I have to get back in the spirit of a lot of things Dawn Miner

Only the time to do it! I am so busy, but I am trying to carve out some time to get some done! Justamommie

Nothing much. I'm not working so I have a lot of time available. I am do the photography course so some of my time is listening to the videos then looking for opportunities to do the 'homework' Maggie

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