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A big part of being a Designer is in being active in social media to market your designs, even if you are just going to give them away for free. Therefore, encouraging you to be active is one of the best things I can encourage you and teach you to do in a first step to becoming a designer.

Access to the class will give you the opportunity to ask questions and post your work for others to comment on. This is especially important when choosing a designer name and working on a logo which are some of the first lessons.


There are many reasons why one might want to learn how to design digital scrapbooking elements and papers.

Maybe you just want to save money by creating your own designs. Rather than always looking for a kit to fit your photos, create your own papers and elements to fit your photos.

Maybe you just enjoy the creative side of designing and sharing with others.

Maybe you have spied that glimpse of how easy designing really is now that you have gotten yourself familiar with Photoshop Elements and are wondering if you could make it as a designer.

Maybe you have another related business, such as a photography or scrap for hire business, that requires you to create products that are copyright friendly.

Whatever you reason for taking this class with me, I am happy to have you here and do hope that you learn not only skills for designing, but skills to enable your scrapbooking layouts.



At this time, I do not offer quality checking of things you create and share. I found it to be too time consuming.

Feel free to share downloads you create from these lessons on your own blog. Be sure to have a link to your blog in your signature line.


It is helpful for us to get to know you better by name if you add something that we can call you into your signature line.  This can be found in “settings.”  You may also change both the "avatar" and the "profile" image from the settings.


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