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....Affirmative Declarations, Testimonials, Remarks, ....what do you call these pages on websites? It has taken me a long time to put up this page, simply because it feels as if I am bragging on myself and that just plain 'ol does not feel right! However, many sites utilize these pages so that others know that there are satified customers.


Sometimes these pages are obviously fake looking too. Seriously, someone could have made up each and every one of these writings and I think sometimes they do, so I often taken them with a grain of salt. I want you to know that these acclamations are in no way fake. I even asked Dawn to collect them for me so that there would be someone else to verify that they are valid comments of people in classes.
I am truly amazed as I watch the students here grow in their skills. Undiscovered talent has been revealed through the teaching of basic principles and computer techniques as the students have gone far beyond what I have taught creating a true work of art. There are no words to convey what magic is happening here through the classes and lessons, but I think that it is better for you to hear about it straight from the students, the glue that holds this site together, here at My Corner Online. 

If it was not for Hummie, what could I say, where would I be today!! I have been wanting to learn Photoshop Elements for years, but could never comprehend the instructions from various web sites, until I happened upon Hummie’s World and signed up as a subscriber and started taking her classes. That step has totally changed my life as I am now producing wonderful layouts, plus I am understanding the lessons. Hummie encourages me when I get down and feel I should quit, like I wanted to do in the Designer Class. But she won’t let me and encouraged me to hang in there which I will do. That is a great teacher who takes the time to help students who may be slower than others and it shows she really cares. She is a blessing in my life and I am thankful for such a wonderful person.
And you Tina are a wonderful person who has taken time to publicly honor her. Thank you.
Cynthia (aka ccynden, aka cindy)

I have been a member of the Hummies World forums for a little over a year, but didn't become a subscriber till January 2009. I honestly cannot begin to tell you what took me so long to subscribe! Once I did, I started digging right in, and I have learned sooooo much, I can't even begin to tell you!!
I came across the digi world by complete accident. I was looking on google for something TOTALLY unrelated, and came across something about digi scrapping through scrap girls. So, I looked them up, and started to slowly learn what this whole thing was about.
When I first started, I was using Microsoft Picture It 10. I was doing ok.... but that all changed when I got my copy of PSE 6!! When I got it, I was completely confused, and so, I began my search for tutorials on how on earth to work this seemingly hard piece of software. In comes Hummie, with her gentle spirit and incredible teaching. I started going through her free tutorials, then I finally made the subscriber choice and I have been learning more and more ever since!! So much so, that now- some ladies in my church want me to teach THEM how to get started!!! This would have NEVER happened if it weren't for Hummie! 
I am, and always will be, a subscriber to Hummies World. You can't keep me away!!!!
~Dawn Miller (dawn)

Hi my name is Jana and I'm a new comer to My Corner Online, having only found out about her site just a month ago! But I have to say what a treasure chest of information I have landed into! There are classes that you can take at your own pace, which have the most amazing video tutorials that go along with each lesson as well as written instruction that match the videos. Hummie covers all the basics and goes through in her latest class learning how to design for yourself. I have used Photoshop for about 8 months and I have learned so many new things, that I never even knew about. Lots of new short cuts and just really cool things to try out! I'm looking forward to going through all of her classes, even if it is just to practice up on my own skills, because they are so well written and easy to follow! I think that anyone from a beginner to an advanced user could benefit from Hummie's lessons. They are just great! Come join us for some great fun, friendship and learning! 
Jana (jlynn)

Here is mine. Hummie has been great!
I am a digital designer and still learned new things from taking the course from Hummie. I learned things that I had no idea that you could do in PSE! She has a way of making difficult things seem so easy. She is a great teacher both in person and video. It was a pleasure and blessing to meet her in St. Loius. I would suggest anyone take the course even if you are a designer because even an old dog can learn new tricks like I did!
Tammy Bunch (bunchie)

Hi Tina,
I imagine my 'testimony' is similar to many others: I obtained Photoshop Elements; I went through some training DVDs and created some pages; but once I discovered Hummie's tutorials I learned SO many new things! 
Since coming to My Corner Online, I've had my first 120 page book printed, and I'm half-way through my next one! : )
I appreciate the organization of her tutorials. I've not been a fan of video tutorials before, and still really like to have written ones to refer back to, but I've learned to appreciate her careful instruction, and sometimes I do like being able to back up the video and watch a section again. 
I appreciate her teaching style - she goes at a speed that lets me catch details I can really use. I've learned so many 'shortcuts,' and even hard-drive conserving tips, from Hummie. 
I also appreciate her feedback. Her encouraging 'warm fuzzies' have made me keep moving forward. Getting comments from Hummie and all of the rest of the community at My Corner Online is a highly motivating factor for me.
I also appreciate VERY much the fact that Hummie has an 'open' gallery. It's so nice to scrap with what I think will best bring out the photos, rather than trying to find a 'legal' item from my collection to use, as I've had to do in other galleries in the past. Since I can't afford to buy a kit just to post a layout in a gallery, this is a pretty big deal.
I also appreciate Hummie as a person. Her posts often 'hit the nail on the head' in expressing things I've felt. Her personal testimony as a Christian, as a mother, as a flower garden person - all of these add to the appreciation I feel for her.
Anita Bennett (AnitaB)

Hi Tina. What a great idea. I haven't taken a course here before, so can't really say much, but so far, in the designer course, I can say that I am really appreciating how much work Hummie has put in- the current lesson videos must have taken hours and she explains things so well.
Cheers Jill (greenfingers)

I also was a Paint Shop Pro user until I met up with Hummie. I still do use PSP 10 sometimes. I have them all up to 12, but like 10 the most. I started using Photoshop Elements with hummie and now am totally hooked on it. I use 8 right now, but I do some of the work in Photoshop 4. Hummie is a great teacher and I love to learn. I love the way Hummie teaches a technique and then tells you to make a layout to go with the technique. It makes you think out of the box. Every technique she teaches is down to a level that you can understand and if you don't understand it she will help you with it. She is a great teacher and a great person to give her time so freely. Margaret (Margaret)

This is so nice---thank you for thinking of it. I have been a subscriber of Hummies since March, 2009. I have learned so very much about digi-scrapping and even a bit of photography from her lessons. I think her lessons are well thought-out and as clear as can be. (I taught school for 33 years so I know what I'm talking about!) She is so patient to take time explaining and re-explaining if necessary. I really don't know how she keeps up with it all. I do know we are very lucky to have Hummie in our lives!
Diane (Belle33)

Hummie is awesome and the effort she puts into helping each person goes beyond anyone i have ever seen before. I have had trouble with some of the lessons and she has been patient and receptive to helping me even to the point of private IM'ing me a great effort on her part I'm sure, but way beyond what anyone else has ever done for me. I am astounded at her lessons which are so clear and understandable. God certainly has gifted Hummie with a wonderful gift and an exceptional way of getting along with others to the point of sticking by me when the going got touch. Hummie I love you and appreciate you so very much from the bottom of my heart.
Charlene (charlenereeves)

I joined Hummie’s World exactly a month ago and it has been the best decision I ever made. I have been scrapbooking for several years now but have never been truly satisfied with my completed pages. I didn’t realize that there were so many things I didn’t know until I joined Hummie’s World and began going through the online courses. What is so great though is that what I am learning about color and balance in a layout is applicable to both the digital scrapbooker as well as those who want to blend the digital with the traditional. I am completely hooked on digital scrapbooking and may never go back to traditional scrapbooking. I may however, blend the two. 

I am definitely not creative or artistic but thanks to Hummie and Dawn, I have probably completed more scrapbook pages since joining Hummie’s World than I have the entire time I have been scrapbooking. Hummie, you and your tutorials are truly inspiring. I don't know how you find the time to do what you do but you and Dawn are truly blessings. I have learned so much already but I want to learn even more. Thank you for helping me leave my heritage alive and well for future generations.

ConnieL (conniel)

It is very easy to sum up my experience with Hummies World. "Outstanding" - Seems like such an easy word to hear but a hard accomplishment for someone to attain when teaching others. To be "outstanding" means you have to excel in your ability to teach and in the design of the lesson plans.

To excel in teaching you must be able to relate to men and women - relate to 21yr olds to over 60 yr olds - computer expert to novice user - Beginning scrap-booker to experienced web site scrapbook owners.

To excel in lesson plan designs you must be able to illustrate to all ages a step by step approach that is neither too slow and simple or to hard and complicated. I have noticed that Hummie takes great pain to continually update her lessons to coincide with the video tutorials. By the way this is no small feat!

To sum it up. Is my experience on Hummies World one that I would recommend to my own family with the knowledge that each one could learn and profit from using the lessons. Absolutely yes! Oh by the way did I fail to mention the many many site users are ready and willing to help in any way so each feels welcome and gratified for being a part of the site family. No we are not going to each others home for turkey and we will not be sending each a Xmas card but you can always count on a friendly comment and a welcome when you join. Oh by the way I am one of the men that use the site! My wife has seen my work and thinks Hummie has a job ahead of her. lol

Jerry Thomas
aka djkaraok

Since being a member at My Corner Online, a whole new door has opened for me. I've met some very nice people, and my scrapping knowledge has boomed! Hummie has step by step instructions on everything you'll ever need to know about digital scrapping, I recommend My Corner Online to everyone...
Lori (EasternKitty)

Before discovering My Corner Online, Photoshop pretty much was on my computer, but not used. I was too intimidated and had used Paint Shop Pro for years. I truly wanted to learn Photoshop, but felt like the transition from Paint Shop Pro would be too hard for me. I no longer feel that way. 

Hummie has a way of putting her students at ease with her style of teaching. She makes the lessons much easier to follow than anything I found on youtube or other resources. I found that she may stumble on her words sometimes or a tool is not cooperating with her for a moment. I like this. She keeps it real.

I no longer am intimidated to try new things with Photoshop. I do digital scrapbooking for stress relief. If I felt that if the lessons were too stressful, I would not do them. I just can't see me being interested in taking classes anywhere else on the net. 

I know that Hummie's classes are geared for Photoshop Elements. I use the full version of Photoshop and there are some steps that are not the same for me as they are for most of the students. Hummie has always been willing to help me with any issue I have come across regarding the full version of Photoshop. She even made a quick video just for me because I was frustrated that I could not do something the same way as she was teaching because I was using a different version of Photoshop than what she was teaching. I love it here. I would recommend Hummie's classes to anyone wanting to learn either Photoshop Elements or even Photoshop. 


I love My Corner Online!!! I cannot express what my $5.50 a month buys! I am a big Starbucks fan and for less than what I spend one day A MONTH at Starbucks, I get a subscription to My Corner Online! This is the best bargain in my life! 

I struggled with PSE and had such a hard time with a free lesson I took somewhere else that all I could do was do drag and drop into a premade page! A year later, I decided try again and tried to learn it myself. I still had a difficult time and began searching the internet for places to learn to use PSE. I "stumbled" on My Corner Online. And what a great stumble. I say stumble because it was not the first place I stumbled on. But I took advantage of a couple of her free videos and after using them and learning, I decided that HAD TO HAVE access to the rest of the tutorials and the written instructions! What have I learned? 

I can't list everything, but for starters, coloring paper to the color I want, fixing the blur in my photos, fixing old photos that was missing backgrounds, and take worn photos to photos I could use in layouts. I learned to make letters in circle in PSE - yes, PSE. I learned to size my photos to sizes I wanted without distorting the people in my photos. I learned to make paper clips look realistic instead of just plopped on my papers. Oh, my layouts are so great that I can't believe my uncreative self made them. LOL. I am more creative with digital scrapbooking because I can "throw" away things I decide not to use. 

The freebies here are great... and the fact that they are free to use is fantastic. Hummie is so giving of her talents! 

And My Corner Online's subscribers are wonderful - I feel like everyone is my FRIEND. I love the critiques that everyone gives to me to help me make my layouts the best that they can be! Once you learn to make every piece of paper work for your layout, by changing colors, you find you need less paper! LOL. 

I love the templates - yes free templates that are offered to us. What wonderful layouts they offer us to create! Everyone thinks I'm creative hahaha. It is My Corner Online. 

I am so grateful for the talents of all here and for the friendships I've made. I also use the site when I forget how to do something... I search and review the videos once again. For this reason, and many others, I love it here! Lets see, templates, freebies, lessons - written and videos, help from other scrapbookers... and that is only the beginning - that's why I love HUMMIE'S WORLD. 

Helen (jjsamr

I was a little leery about joining Hummie's pay site because I use PSCS2 and she's geared towards Photoshop Elements. I have found SO much on here that I can use! I'm not a newbie to digital scrapbooking, but I am self taught and I keep finding tips and tricks that help me. There is just so much to do - all of the challenges, templates and classes. You're guaranteed to complete some albums! 


I first came to "Hummies World" by following a "freebie". I quickly found out the group was like an extended family. They made me feel like I belonged! I am a paper scrapper that uses digital papers and elements on my paper pages. Since this site doesn't sell kits, I was able to join in the challenges and post my own pages. I was really happy about that.

Not only did I find a new circle of friends, but I learned a lot about scrapping. I don't take the excellent digital classes but There are tons of challenges for anyone. I learned about mixing colors, clustering photos, journaling, taking photos and putting a complete layout together. It has taught me to think "outside the box" and to scrap outside my "comfort zone". I have attended events such as scrapping all day in my jammies and saw how a "speed scrap" goes. I just find this a fun place and am so glad I found out about it. Looking for excellent digital instructions and great friends? Then come visit us at "Hummies World"!! 

Laura (ljkwoody)

How can one say enough about Hummies World? Or Hummie herself? Or Dawn? I first found Hummie in May of 2008. I had been digiscrapping for a couple of years, and had mostly figured it out as I went, picking up tips here and there. I was, and still am, a paper scrapper as well, but I love the portability of the digi world ... you can take it with you anywhere you go and not have to pack like you were going on safari! 

Then the glitter rage hit, and I had no idea what a special effect was, let alone how to install one. I looked around a lot of sites, but couldn't really find instructions that were understandable. Then I did a google search, and voila - there was Hummie! I printed out her tutorial and was glittering away in no time. I did look around a bit, and even tried one challenge, but at that time I was busy taking care of both a sick mother in law, and a sick husband, so the time wasn't right. I did see a value in the tutorials though, and subscribed right away. Over the next year and a half I returned to the tutorials many times to find answers to my questions, and was never disappointed. Where else can you get so much information for the price of a latte?

Fast forward to January of 2010. I am in the enviable stage of life where I don't need to work, at least in the non-orchard months. I had continued to follow the digi world, and was frustrated that there was so much that PSE could do that I didn't know how to do! I made a pact with myself that my goal for the winter was to learn the program, and improve the quality of my layouts. The light came on when I was balancing my checkbook and saw the subscription payment had come out, and the rest is history! I started with Course one and haven't looked back! I am a visual learner I guess. I was a subscriber to Digital Scrapbooking magazine, and have read about a million blogs, but listening and watching Hummie's videos just makes everything so easy to understand. (Plus how can you resist her giggle?) Then there's the fact that either you or Hummie are available everyday to answer questions - it makes you feel like someone really cares if you understand the lessons!

I've really become comfortable at Hummies... I had tried a few other communities, but never felt quite "cool" enough to be there. Too many acronyms that I didn't understand, too much drama, too many cliques ... but the folks at Hummies are just friendly, and warm and fuzzy! Everyone is there to learn, so you never have to feel hesitant about putting up a layout that's not quite right - in fact you can do just that and ask for suggestions! Now, of course, I realize that I won't be learning PSE in just a few months ... in fact there are new things posted almost every week! But now that Hummies World has become my digital home I'm happy to stick around!

Bette (Betteskeff)

I came to My Corner Online knowing very little about digital scrapbooking and now I have created albums, wall hangings, and story books using the skills she has taught me. I am even in her designer class making my own papers and elements! Hummie's video and written tutorials are offered in a step-by-step format with easy to understand directions. She explains how to do the same technique in many different ways, giving the student a choice of methods. She is very encouraging and supportive when help is needed. I really enjoy reading her comments and those of the members of My Corner Online. I tell my friends that this is the best $5.50 a month I could ever spend! Thank you so much, Hummie, for giving me the skills for this wonderful hobby! 

Diane (Belle33)

I am really enjoying My Corner Online to get to know PSE. I have learned much, but of the best things are the little things you take for granted. Things like how to make your brush go in a straight line by holding the shift, or to keep your shapes in perspective with it...things that make all the difference but you wouldn't know usually. The tutorials are great and a wonderful value because you can watch them over and over as much as you need to watch them. It's a great a community of people as well. I've only been here a few months and have a "group" I started with that we encourage and cheer lead with/for each other. 

Memphisfran (Dina)

I'm always amazed at how much I learn with each of Hummie's tutorials. Even if the subject is one that I think I know I always learn a new technique that makes it better or easier. I've learned to use so many features of my PSE that I didn't even know existed; that in itself is priceless. I can't wait to learn more with future tutorials. Hummie has a way of explaining and showing things that really makes sense. 

Brenda (Bmascari)

I am not as active as I would like to be in My Corner Online, but I'm also never made to feel like an outsider either. Whenever I pop my head, in there are always friendly and helpful people around that make me feel like I haven't been AWOL for weeks or months on end. Hummie and Dawn are two of the most selfless and helpful digiscrappers I have had the good fortune to meet online since I began my digiscrap design adventure.

HW is full of helpful tips and tricks and has an extensive selection of courses to aid in your quest of digital scrapbooking whether it be to create stunning layouts or design your own elements and resources.

Irene (Ehkoh)

Wow the template class is fantastic!!! I used the templates to make a book about our trip to the southwest. I used a different template for each page and I want to tell you it came out great. What was so helpful to me was that each template comes in square or rectangle design. Since I scrap 8.5x11, I have always had to redisign the templates that were given elsewhere. Thanks Hummie for all your hard work.

Muriel (Muriel)

I have learned so much since I've started taking classes at My Corner Online. Not only have I learned invaluable techniques, but I've also learned basic tips that have helped me become more comfortable on the computer in general. I look forward to a long future of learning here at My Corner Online. 

Kyla (KylaKreates)

I am so elated that I found the Hummie’s World site!! This experience has opened up a whole new world for me! I purchased my first DSLR camera in 2009 and fell I love with photography, digital scrapbooking, and Photoshop Elements, all at once. I was overwhelmed with the possibilities. I needed somewhere that I could go that would guide me, step-by-step, along this new creative chapter of my life. I needed a place that I could go back, again and again, if necessary, to reinforce what I was learning. I checked into a couple of different sites and, really, HUMMIE’S WORLD was my top choice and the key for me!! I cannot get enough of this site!

Malinda (MalinB)

Hummies World is a fun and a great place to learn digital scrapbooking. Since I start coming I have grown in my scrapbooking and have learned lots of new trick and for my pages. 

April H. (wisdomandgrace)

I'm so glad I found My Corner Online! Shortly after I started DigiScrapping, someone told me about a Hummie video on YouTube for inking edges. I watched it and loved it as I could actually understand what was being done!!! Plus I could stop, rewind and pause whilst I played in PSE alongside it!! A little later I came to My Corner Online and was blown away by the amount of information in this one place!!
It was so welcoming, and inspiring, that I became a subscriber pretty quickly! Since then I've taken Course 1, done most of the Scrapping your Goals challenges, am working through Course 2 and the Filter Challenges, and hoping to go on to the Designer Classes later this year! Not to mention the Fun Extras and Quick Tips that add to my knowledge in a simple and fun way! It's such a great way to learn, and I have so many LOs that I wouldn't have otherwise had now!!

I'd like to say a big thank you to Hummie and Dawn for making the place so friendly, and to all the other members for giving it such a great atmosphere! And with members from all around the world, it makes for a stimulating experience each time I visit!!

Oh and did I mention I love the chat box, LOL?!!!!!
I'd happily recommend My Corner Online to anyone interested in learning more about PSE! For that one amazingly low price you have access to all this knowledge and inspiration - and will make a bunch of great friends as well!!

Bernie (BernieTuffs)

I don't know what I'd do without My Corner Online! When I first tried to get started with PSE 7, I had very little luck. I don't even remember how I stumbled on the site, but I wouldn't give it up for anything now! Hummie's lessons are so clear and helpful, and I've learned more than I ever dreamed would be possible. I had tried a few other tutorials and they just weren't as easy as the ones on My Corner Online. Last January was the first time that I have been able to finish a full year of scrapping within a month of the year ending. I was so excited, but now I'm worried about running out of pictures! My Corner Online is great!

Lori (Lulubelle) 

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Hummie and Dawn and all the students at Hummies World for their friendship, help, and constructive comments on my work. I have been doing the easy to follow lessons that are provided, and to my amazement I created some pictures that I can share with my family that will make our picture albums much more interesting. I think anyone can enhance their albums by taking a course at Hummies World. I almost forgot to say that beside learning I have had a lot of fun in the process.

Rod (Rodfather001)

I received PSE7 for Christmas 2009. I was excited about learning digital scrapbooking and was eager to learn. I tried several digital scrapbooking sites and even downloaded some free videos; but didn't "get it." Even at a beginners level there was a higher learning curve assumed, that I didn't have; I became discouraged. 

Then I found My Corner Online. She starts you at the beginning, gently leading you, explaining things simply in written form and then showing you how to do it with a video. The videos guide you and go with the written tutorial she has prepared. After you watch the video you then do a layout to reflect the lesson/technique/challenge you are working on. I think this is the best way for me to learn; read, watch, then do. A great way to reinforce the learning technique.

My Corner Online has a great, active, and warm community also. I love reading comments from other Hummie-ites, never once have I had a terse, or snarky remark from anyone. We are all here to learn and to help each other grow.

Hummie, thank you for helping me achieve my goal of learning digital scrapbooking and being encouraging along the journey.

Dee (dlynne) 114 lessons down and so much more to go! 

I would highly recommend My Corner Online to anyone who seeks to strengthen their designing skills. Being a self-taught digital scrapbooking designer who uses Photoshop CS4, I knew there were things that I didn't know. Through the online videos, tutorials and challenges I am learning new shortcuts and techniques. I am also strengthening my designer skills along the way. 

Karen (Diamondsden aka scrapN2Nspire) 

My Corner Online really taught me so much about digi-scrapping and got me hooked. I took Hummie's classes for over one year and enjoyed it very much. Thanks to Hummie and Dawn for all their hardwork! 

Sarah (kkangels) 

Whether you use Photoshop or some other software, My Corner Online has a lot to offer the digital scrapbooker. I didn't think I would be able to participate in the classes, because I do not have Photoshop and the classes are geared for that software, but I have been able to do most of the lessons with my software, and have learned a great deal. So if you wanting to learn digital scrapbooking reguardless of the software you use, My Corner Online is the place to be.

GIN (dare2beme71)

I've been a My Corner Online subscriber for over 2 years - BEST investment in developing my skills I've ever spent. Wish I had known about Hummie when I first started digiscrapping - she would have saved me so much $$$. If you haven't taken her classes, please do it - you'll so appreciate the skills you'll develop in using PSE. I have learned so much about what software to use, FREE tools that are essential to digiscrappers, how to use PSE, how to arrange your digi layouts, and how to design your own papers and elements. I can't believe how I can use PSE with so much ease now. My DH asked how much these lessons cost - he feels they're the BEST bargain and loves the layouts I've completed. Hope you'll join us! 

Gail (g_robb53)

I was a new comer to My Corner Online and jumped right in with both feet because I needed some tutorials to learn PS CS5. I have to say what a treasure chest of information that I had found. These classes were offered at your own pace, with both video and written tutorials that go along. Hummie covers all the basics and goes through in her latest class learning how to design for yourself. I have used an older version of Photoshop for many years and I have learned so many new things to help me get into PS CS5. The new short cuts and many, many new features are really awesome. I'm still honing my own skills, learning as I go. The tutorials and lessons are so well written and easy to follow! I think that anyone from a beginner to an advanced user could benefit from Hummie's lessons. They are just great! Go join Hummie for great fun, friendship, inspiration, and learning! Some classes are free and you can subscribe for $5.50 a month, which is a steal for the amount of information you receive.

Myra Bettis (Myra)

I'm really glad I subscribed to My Corner Online. I'm learning a lot about digital scrapbooking and Photoshop Elements, and there is a real feeling of community here. 

Janet (JanetMM)

I have been a member of My Corner Online for 6 months now. I have loved it so much. When I began here as a new member I was fairly new to the world of digital scrapbooking. I had gotten PSE 8 six months prior and had learned a few things here and there but didn't really have a grasp on much of anything. I stumbled upon My Corner Online one day when I was looking for help learning more about PSE. What a gold mine I found here. Hummie's lessons took me through the basics of digital scrapbooking and how to use PSE. She not only explains how to to do something, but she helps you understand the steps to do it. I loved it when she would explain exactly what things did and show me as well. I can move as slowly or as fast I have time. I have been very motivated by the lessons to create fun layouts of my photos. Now only after 6 months of being a member I am creating my own papers and elements....that amazes me! 

Being part of a class where you have other students learning along side you is a wonderful thing. You are able to see what others are doing, comment on their assignments and you also get encouragement from them as well. It is all very positive around here. Hummie and her assistant Dawn are very positive and encouraging to the budding beginner or the seasoned veteran. There seems to be an endless supply of things to do and learn here. I plan on staying for a long time.

April (April

Since joining My Corner Online in Jan. 2009 I have learned so much. There are many functions and methods I would never have found on my own. Paying a small sum for the subscription is so worth it, it challenges me to regularily learn something new. Then it is fun to see what everyone else came up with. 
I love learning new things all the time and this is the place to have that opportunity.

Thanks Hummie and Dawn for providing such a great place to learn and have fun. I'm just wondering if there is any proof that Hummie actually sleeps, LOL.

Karin (Pookagal)

I have been a member of Hummies World now for about 3 months!! I have learned soo much from the Video Tutorials. Everyone here is sooo friendly and soooo eager to help.
There are always new things being added. I have been trying to learn Photoshop Elements for about 5 years. Hummies videos are so easy to follow and understand. I am so thankful that I have found Hummies World. It is like one big happy family in Hummies World!!

Melissa (Oleprimmemories)


I really can't begin to tell you how much I have been enjoying the classes here at Hummies World. I have been digi-scrapping with various programs for years, mostly self taught. I have found PSE to be the most versatile program for the money. So much of what I have done has been through trial and error. I read PSE for Dummies and tried to relate it to digital scrapbooking. Most all the tutorials I have found on PSE relate to photo editing rather than starting from scratch to make papers and embellishments. I am learning so much in course 1. It covers all the basics, much of which I already knew, but have learned that there are more than one way to do things and in many cases the way I was doing it was more difficult and a lot more time consuming than it needed to be. I have really learned a lot with the filters class. I had never bothered with them much, but I am now having a lot of fun with the new and different effects I am able to produce with them. So much more is possible than I ever realized. Hummie and the people at Hummies World have been friendly and accepting of me and my limited knowledge and have been very patient and kind in answering my questions that I fear are somewhat stupid. I am excited to move on to course 2 and some of the other classes. I didn't realize there was so much to learn and all the cool things that can be done with PSE. I like Hummie's teaching style. She shows the different ways things can be done and often demonstrates things done the wrong way too, and explains why it doesn't work. I find it more memorable to have someone show me and explain it than to stumble upon the wrong way to do something myself and then waste my time trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. Hummies World is no doubt the best $5.50 a month I have ever spent. Thank you Hummie and your helpers for truly great and useful website.


I have been a lurker around My Corner Online since 2008. I occasionally worked on some of the free lessons, but never took the plunge to become a full fledged member. I became a member in Feb 2012 and started working on Course 1.
I have been digital scrapping for a number of years, but decided to start "at the very beginning, a very fine place to start." I figured I didn't know everything there was to know in that course and I was right. I really enjoyed the lesson in Course 1 that helped you make a paperclip look realistic. I have used them before, but had never given any thought to what the underside of the paperclip did to the papers. I am also enjoying the lessons about balance, contrast, and textures on a page... all things that help make the pictures pop off the page. I really have never given a whole lot of thought to those things and just made my pages the way I thought they looked best. Now I am learning some of the design concepts behind creating a wonderful page. Thanks, Hummie, for a great site to learn all kinds of wonderful scrapbooking tips, tricks and techniques.

Cindy (cindyweeks)

I've been coming to My Corner Online for about a month now and I've found everyone to be very friendly. I'm involved in two classes that are very easy to follow and very informative. I've been digi-scrapping for a while, but I'm new to PSE and Hummie's class has me scrapping away already in PSE. I would recommend My Corner Online to anyone looking for classes or a great digiscrap home.

I have been working for several years in Corel's Paint Shop Pro and although it was working for me, I knew that I needed to switch to Photoshop Elements, which I did (it was a Christmas present from me BFF). Until I started doing the lessons here at My Corner Online, I was "lost in a vast sea" of too many tutorials for PSE that were not done with a scrapbooker in mind. I am so please with what I have learned in my short time here, and plan to continue with the classes for as long as it takes to complete them. 

Everyone has been so helpful here, I feel like I am among friends ... yesterday I encountered an issue I had not seen before, so I sent a PM to Hummie and she had answered me within a couple of hours! What service ... thanks so much for all you do. I have learned SO MUCH in just a few days! 

poki S (poki04)

Hummie's has it all! When I first started digital scrapbooking, I searched and read many different websites on tutorials on how to use Photoshop Elements for scrapbooking, but it was just a list of sites that I bookmarked to someday check out. I didn't learn too much that way. I somehow stumbled upon Hummie's and I was hooked! My Corner Online has it all! Tutorials, gallery ideas & inspiration, support from fellow scrapbookers and now a designer store! Since signing up for classes, it makes me want to take the time for myself to get my scrapbooking done. Being a mom of two, this is a nice way for some Me time! Thank you Hummie and Dawn for all the work you ladies have put into each of the lessons, the video tutorials, answering all the different threads on the forums. I'm looking forward to checking out more of your classes! 


First, I have to say that My Corner Online is the best scrapping investment that I have ever made. I have been floundering around for the last 2 years with PSE and continually wondering how to do some kind of technique that I saw and no clue how to even start. I actually even tried a few other paid tutorial sites in the past and they do not even compare to Hummie's. The tutorials here are step by step and always with a few extra techniques added into them. I cannot believe how much I have learned since starting classes here. If I ever forget how to do something, I can always go back to the tutorial and view it again. That is truly one aspect that I love about this site! I realize now that I have so much more to learn, as I have done Course I, Filters, and Templates ongoing. The photography class I am also doing is awesome, as I have learned more from Hummie's tutorials than I have with the manual that came with my camera. 

Lastly, I just wanted to say a big THANK-YOU to Hummie for all of the time and hard work that you put into this site. I know you also have great helpers, such as Dawn who works hard to help keep it all going. I really appreciate all of you and the warmth I always feel from everyone here, teachers, students, etc. I hope to be a part of My Corner Online for a long time! I definitely love the inspiration I get from everyone on this site! 


My Corner Online is taken my scrapping skills to a whole new level. I will be a dedicated member 'Forever'. Her video's/teaching skills are the best around, as well as all the help you will find here. There is always new things being added.

There has been a time or two when I was absent and I was able to start right were I left off and never made to feel bad about it. I am so thankful I found 'My Corner Online'!! I had purchased a Canon camera and didn't know how to utilize all the features, except aim and shoot. My Corner Online has a photography class that teaches you everything you need to know to look like a professional photographer. This is by far the best place to learn and become a great digi scrapper!!


Ah, My Corner Online...The place where learning is fun every day and there's always a challenge to be found. Hummie is a great teacher and I've learned a tons of stuff about scrapbooking and photography and Photoshop Elements, some of it is just the "little things" that has made working with Photoshop Elements so much easier. There are a lot of talented scrapper that share their work so I can drool over it and get new ideas for my own scrapbooking pages. Without My Corner Online, I doubt that I'd get as much scrapping done as I do. Thanks for the encouragement and teaching, Hummie!


Along with getting to know Photoshop, I have gotten to know myself better as well and find that I have already preserved many details of family life in a beautiful and meaningful way. By trying different classes I have discovered where my talents, aptitudes and interests lie within the digital scrapping world. For instance, I found that I am not that interested, or good at, the design aspect of it all. I have discovered that filters are the most fun I have had in a long time and that templates are the greatest jump start for me when I am in a lull and cannot get myself started. Most of all I love Hummie’s emphasis on the importance of journaling and creating layouts for every lesson so that memories are documented with each lesson along the way. I have so many pages now for my scrapbook that my kids will be able to look back at everyday life and have photos and stories to keep the memories fresh forever. I can’t thank Hummie enough for giving me the means to enjoy my hobby to the fullest.


I really can't begin to tell you how much I have been enjoying the classes here at Hummies World. I have been digi-scrapping with various programs for years, mostly self taught. I have found PSE to be the most versatile program for the money. So much of what I have done has been through trial and error. I read PSE for Dummies and tried to relate it to digital scrapbooking. Most all the tutorials I have found on PSE relate to photo editing rather than starting from scratch to make papers and embellishments. I am learning so much in course 1. It covers all the basics, much of which I already knew, but have learned that there are more than one way to do things and in many cases the way I was doing it was more difficult and a lot more time consuming than it needed to be. I have really learned a lot with the filters class. I had never bothered with them much, but I am now having a lot of fun with the new and different effects I am able to produce with them. So much more is possible than I ever realized. Hummie and the people at Hummies World have been friendly and accepting of me and my limited knowledge and have been very patient and kind in answering my questions that I fear are somewhat stupid. I am excited to move on to course 2 and some of the other classes. I didn't realize there was so much to learn and all the cool things that can be done with PSE. I like Hummie's teaching style. She shows the different ways things can be done and often demonstrates things done the wrong way too, and explains why it doesn't work. I find it more memorable to have someone show me and explain it than to stumble upon the wrong way to do something myself and then waste my time trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. Hummies World is no doubt the best $5.50 a month I have ever spent. Thank you Hummie and your helpers for truly great and useful website.

Chiara Castelluccia
I love taking classes in My Corner Online. The video tutorials are really rich and at the same time easy to understand. I have learned a lot of tricks and techniques! My style really improves every time I finish a lesson. My favorite lesson was the brush lesson. I can now extract and create my own brush! Hummie is an amazing teacher and I can understand her easily through the video, even if it's not in my language. She shows every step on PSE and explains everything really carefully. I scrap with PS, but I can follow easily every lesson the same.


I love Hummies' World for so many reasons. Let me count the ways!-digital scrapbooking classes.
These classes are not just random tutorials you search the internet for; they organized into courses earn credits!
The videos are very thorough and it is really like a friend showing you how to do something.

-the Gallery - you can put any layout using any digital designer's kits into the gallery, it is completely open, and you can count on somebody leaving a positive comment pretty quickly, too, so you get warm, fuzzy feedback and feel right at home really quick.

-the Forums are full of chatter, question of the day, challenges, resource help, etc. And you can ask for email updates to all the forums you are following, making it easier to keep in touch.

Before I settled down at Hummies' World, I had wandered the digi world for a couple of years. I had put layouts in various galleries to mostly the resounding sound of silence. I was definitely a sideline observer.

I had periodically landed at Hummies' in my wanderings and liked what I saw, but not until I jumped in and became a paying member and registered for classes, did I realize what a gem this place is. I started posting layouts in the Gallery and was covered with warm fuzzies immediately.

I love digi challenges, and spent a lot of time searching for them in the various digital stores. To my great delight the designers and CT's at Hummies are having lots of challenges. And are these fun! Not only can you use ANY kits, you get a freebie for participating. 

Basically, I am saying that Hummies' is an open environment, with lots of feedback, really great designers, and every day there is something, somewhere on the site, to ignite a digi page!



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