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Photography Challenge



In this class, you will learn more about the settings on your camera, composition, fun techniques, and fixing photos.  Some of the lessons will require use of a camera and some will require use of Photoshop Elements or Photoshop. 

There are already 50 lessons in my class outline and more to come which I have set forth to teach!

Many of the tools in Photoshop Elements for fixing photos will actually enlighten you to the similar settings in the camera.  The comparison between PSE/Photoshop and the camera will bring a whole new understanding to both in a way you cannot get otherwise.

If you do not obtain the setting correct in the camera, you can fix the photo for that setting in Photoshop Elements.   

This class will be intentionally developed so that those with point and shoot cameras and those with DSLR's may both participate. 

Each lesson will require you (for class credit) to either comment, share a photo, or share before and after photos. If you want to use your digital scrapbooking skills to put the before and after photos or any other examples of things you have learned in a layout format on one file, that would be welcomed.


Please complete set 1 before beginning set 2, and so on. You may jump around within each set as you do the challenges, but do not move onto the next set until you complete a set.

The challenges are in sets of 20. Once you complete each set, you will be awarded an icon.


Click on the "Set 1" link above to find the link to the first lesson.

After you complete your layout, upload it to the gallery.

Have fun and I look forward to watching you be inspired!

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