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Prayer Journal Challenge

Prayer Journal Challenge

This class is something close to Hummie's heart. She says:

"When my boys were little, I typed up this list and taped it to the back of my kitchen cabinet. Each week I choose one word to encourage in my boys. I said the word to them often to teach them the meaning of the word and to praise them for good behavior.

I often found myself running and opening the door to seek for just the right word when disciplining or praising the boys. After the boys could read, they were running to the door to find a word for me.

I wonder if, now that they are older, they remember this activity at all. It did carry on for years until one day I could not stand the food stains and finger prints all over it. I took down the list and retyped it and stuck it in my Bible.

character traits

You can download the full version of this file to print for your family here.

The Challenge is to create layouts and journal your prayers using these traits. You may choose to pray for children, grandchildren, spouse, yourself, your church leader, or any other person.

Pray! Feel free to come back to the thread and share any answers to prayer.

Pray for each other--read other's prayers and pray for them.

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27


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May you be blessed as you complete this challenge.

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